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Macro E-book Sale

Posted: February 16, 2019 in Uncategorized

I’m always looking to help out my macro followers and my macro photographer teacher friends when they are offering something that will help people progress with their macro photography. 

My friend Ann Belmont has an e-book for sale at Visual Wilderness.

Creative Flower Photography – An Illustrated Guide to the Magic of Lensbaby Lenses is available on Visual Wilderness along with some other great Macro Photography Tutorials at

Until March 7th you can purchase the book at 20% off and, in addition, receive a fabulous eBook “Details and Macro” by two of my favorite photographers, Jay and Varina Patel. This book has been pure joy to write as it combines two things I am passionate about – flower photography and Lensbaby lenses. 

First Sign of Spring

Posted: February 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

During the end of February I start to see the first signs of spring in the wet swampy areas at one of the local parks near my home. It’s the Skunk Cabbage that pushes its way up through the snow and ice. This plant has its own heating system built inside so it can melt its way through the snow and ice. Here is an image of the plant in the ice.

3-19-06 094 copy


When you look inside you see some kind of seed head I guess. It looks like an alien.

3-19-06 156

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One Day Macro Seminar

Old City Hall Building
315 Avenue A
Ft. Pierce, Florida 34950

March 30th, 2019
Time: 9am to 3pm

Cost $49

Sign up here

Covered in this seminar

Cameras / Lenses / Tripods / Heads / Accessories.
Controlling light with diffusers, reflectors, and LED lights / working with natural lighting.

Depth of Field
How to control depth of field with f/stops and special techniques / focus stacking with Helicon Focus.

Learn how to compose properly / finding character in nature / elements of design / textures / contrast / lines / light / visual weight / learning to work camera angles for blurred backgrounds / Two Subject Compositions / What not to do when composing.

Finding Good Subject Matter
Learn when, where, and how to find good subjects through out the four seasons. How to shoot macro indoors.

No equipment required.

Create What You Like

Posted: February 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

In the past I had an anonymous comment at my blog, and not sure if it was male or female, but judging from the nasty content I assumed it was driven by the testosterone of a male.

Anyways this person was very upset by the fact that I post so many of my images using post processing filters, and that I encourage others to use filters to enhance their images.

Digital photography has grown into many different art forms, and I think that is a good thing. It’s perfectly fine if you believe in creating images with the traditional look of a photograph, but now we have options going well beyond the traditional photographs if we choose to do that.

Not sure why some photographers get upset over this, as it is each photographer’s decision on how he or she wants their images to look.

I show my images with post processing that I like, and suggest that you all give it a try, but I don’t go on a rant saying you have to do it my way. If you like traditional looking photos then do it that way.

If it bothers this person so much on how I process my images, then why is this person following me?

Seems to me if they don’t like what they see with my images, they would stop following me and follow other photographers that think like they do.

As an artistic person I will always be looking for something new and different for my photos.

I don’t go around bashing others for the styles that they choose, and there are some things I see I don’t care for. I’m not criticizing those photographers for what they like, they didn’t created their images to make me happy.

I do see a lot of that on some photo forums. People getting nasty because they don’t like what they see. Not sure why those people feel they have the right to tell others how their photos should look.

Do whatever makes you happy and don’t worry about what others think.


Check out macro learning opportunities.

Photos That Tell A Story

Posted: February 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

Many times I read photographers that talk about telling a story with an image. I do get that concept and think it’s a good idea, but it is not something that I ever think about when I’m lining up a subject to shoot.

Maybe in macro there are not as many stories to tell in our images.

When I view all my images I don’t see very many stories.

Maybe with other styles of photography it’s easier to find and tell a story within the image.

I wonder when you have an image that tells a story, how many people are really able to see a story or are even looking for a story in the image.

I think photographers tend to look for a story because they have been taught that concept, but I wonder how many non photographers are able to see the story or even look for one.

I guess I really don’t worry about trying to tell a story with my photos, I just hope that the people viewing them find the subject matter and the composition appealing.


Check out macro learning opportunities.

Make Your Own Skeleton Leaves

Posted: February 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

On Friday I posted about buying skeleton leaves, and a friend on facebook posted a link to an article on how to make your own skeleton leaves.  So I will give is a try.