Longwood Garden Workshop

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The most amazing greenhouse gardens in the country. Four and a half acres under glass, and with thousands of flowers and plants in diverse ecosystems. This workshop is limited to six people.
Located. 1001 Longwood Road,
Kennett Square, PA 19348
Date March 20th, 2018
Cost, $49 plus entrance fee
The itinerary for the Longwood Gardens Workshop.
We will meet at Longwood Gardens at 8:30am at main building to pay the entrance fee and receive your tripod permit. The group will shoot in the conservatory with tripods from 9am until 12pm, and then break for lunch for one hour. After lunch we will back in the conservatory for hand holding shots, until 3pm when the workshop ends.
Equipment needed, camera, telephoto zoom lens, macro lens, tripod.
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Macro Images for Sale

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Don’t miss out, only 4 spots left out of 25.
Macro Boot Camp
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI at Clemson University)
Clemson, South Carolina
April 7th, 10am to 4pm
April 8th 9am to 1pm
Cost $169

20% Off on Topaz “Adjust”

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About Adjust:
With Topaz Adjust you can give your images the soul and character you envisioned in the field! Unlike our eyes, a camera lens can’t compensate for all the tonal values we see right in front of us. If you shoot something bright, you’ll lose all the details in the shadows. If you shoot something dark, the highlights will be blown out. You can try to correct contrast, details, and vibrancy yourself, but it’s difficult to make images pop like you want.

Topaz Adjust is designed to enhance three characteristics: contrast, detail, and color. Specializing in producing vivid images, Adjust uses Topaz’s adaptive exposure, adaptive saturation, and even includes our cutting-edge detail enhancement algorithms to give you the secret “oomph” ingredients that make your images stand out.

Major features introduced in the latest version of Adjust include:

High DPI Display Support for Windows.
High DPI monitors now display Adjust and Simplify properly. The application GUI has been updated to display correctly on 4k monitors.

Preserve Image Metadata.
Adjust and Simplify now preserve all image metadata.

Separation of User Data and Program Files.
Computer user accounts now store saved effects separately for each computer user. User-created presets are now saved in user specific data locations, in their own separate folder. Once you log off your computer user account, your custom effects stay private!

Import Your Custom Topaz Effects Easily.
Adjust and Simplify automatically imports all of your saved effects from previous versions!

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Please feel free to download and try out the latest version of Adjust if you haven’t already, here:
Adjust for Mac: https://topazlabs.s3.amazonaws.com/topazadjust5.dmg
Adjust for Windows: https://topazlabs.s3.amazonaws.com/topazadjust5_setup.exe

Macro Photo Conference 2018

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Check out the Fifth Annual Macro Photo Conference 2018

Check out the taped version of my live broadcast on Macro Accessories at the Vanguard Headquarters.

Live Presentation at Vanguard

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I will be doing a live presentation at Vanguard on some helpful macro accessories. Happening tomorrow, Feb 6th at 3pm EST.  By attending you have a chance to win a Vanguard tripod and head. You can go to the link below and add your name that you are going or interested.
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