Macro Photo Club

 As a pro macro photographer, I have always wanted to create an online Macro Photo Club, and it’s finally happened.  
The Macro Photo Club is a place where members will experience a new way of learning.  Members will have lots of benefits and fun. 
The 1st of each month, members will have a link to 12 videos that will cover a variety of themes, plus a video newsletter.  Finding subjects in the field, how to compose them, and working the camera techs. Videos covering equipment and post processing tips will also be covered.
Members may send me one image per month, and with the entries I will choose 10 images for a video critique.
I have a facebook group set up for members to post images.  In the monthly video newsletter, I will have a macro theme for you to go out and shoot, and members can post their images of that theme on the Mike Moats Macro Photo Club site on facebook.
I will randomly choose club members to be featured macro photographers on my website blog, and all social media connections.
The Macro Photo Club has some great sponsors who are generously offering free products that I will raffle off.  Present sponsors, Tamron, Hunts Photo, Vanguard, Acratech, Lensbaby, Topaz, Wimberley, Think Tank Photo, Datacolor, Thompson Photo Accessories, and adding more in the future.
This is just the beginning and hope to expand to more benefits as we go.
Yearly membership fee is only $39. 
 Check out this Macro Photo Club Video
Join the Club Here
  1. Mike Moats says:

    Naomi, I use the Acratech Ultimate Ballhead, best head for macro photography.

  2. Mike Moats says:

    Naomi, the best tripod for macro is the Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AT.

  3. Mike Moats says:

    Sorry about your liveview not working well, check with a local camera store and see what they say. I’m not a tech guy so can’t give advice on the problem.

  4. Mike Moats says:

    Lance, the files are not for sale, and to purchase my images there are over three hundred of them at

  5. Mike Moats says:

    Bill, only very small percent of photographers or the public understand the three styles which are close-up, macro, and micro. Most photographers including myself think of macro as shooting small areas, and don’t get that technical to break down the three styles by size, they just lump the three styles under the term of macro. I have had many articles published in major photo magazine using the term macro for the articles, and not once has an editor of a magazine that picked the close-up images for the macro articles ever question the term. I’ve taught thousands of photographers through my workshops, and have presented to thousands of attendees at photo conferences using the term macro for my programs, and never has anyone questions my use of the term macro for my images. You are correct and I admit I am technically a close-up photographer, but people still think of what I do as macro. If you look at my six facebook photo groups that are all called macro, no one is posting anything near macro, but they still refer to their images as macro when showing them, and as I repeat only a very small percent of photographers actually know what true macro is, they just assume if you are shooting small areas you are a macro photographers, and I will continue to market myself that way, and it’s working pretty good so far. Thanks for the comment.

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