Videos and E-books


Visit my macro store for info on these macro how-to videos and e-books.
Video Series – The Properly Equipped Macro Photographer $9.95
Video Series – How to Control Depth of Field $9.95
Video Series – Mike Moats Post Processing Tips, 28 videos $14.95
Creating Art with Macro E-Book  $14.95
70 Tips for Making Money as a Nature Photographer $9.95

  1. Last night I downloaded my copy of “Creating Art With Macro“ and I did a quick browse. I just want to say that it’s full of excellent material, ideas, concepts and techniques. This e-book it’s a must have. I have been shooting macro photography as a hobby for the past 3 years or something this is the kind of photography that I really enjoy the most, but it was not until I found your Blog, webinars and e-books just a few months ago that my imagination just exploded with all those new ideas, concepts and compositions… all of that thanks to your lessons.

    • Mike Moats says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Hector, I did a blog post about it as you have gotten out of this book exactly what it was written about, teaching ideas, concepts, and composition, the backbone of a good photo. Glad you are inspired and excited with new ideas in your head.

  2. Steven says:

    Where is the link to your E-Book Running A Successful Nature Photography Business? Please post a link to it or send me an email with information on how to order it.



  3. Judy Wagner says:

    Just tried to enter your online store, but no success. 😔

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