The Evolution of Photography

Posted: January 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

  1. Dee Hudson says:

    Hi, Mike, Happy New Year.

    The end of 2019 brought a serious and completely unexpected health challenge, I was in a local hospital, where I worked for 10 years [from 1972-1982], with acute renal failure.

    I was in for 8 days, had all sorts of tests, including kidney biopsy and 2 rounds of dialysis. Rest of my lab tests were better than they have been in years, go figure!!

    Follow up appointments with kidney and primary care doctors were encouraging, we will find out what the prognosis/long term damage [if any], can be determined.

    No family or personal history, was totally unexpected. They took me off 2 meds, including a high powered blood pressure med I’ve been on for years, known for potential kidney problems. DUH!!

    Hope to be able to go to Photo Pro Expo the end of February and Mike Matthews Wildflowers and Waterfalls workshop the end of April, North Carolina would be 48th state! Definitely a bucket list item!

    Take care!!

    –Dee Hudson


    • Mike Moats says:

      Dee, sorry to hear about your health issues, hope you are getting good care, and will be back out on the trails shooting soon.

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