Post Processing Two Headed Gerbera Daisy

Posted: April 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

I’m always talking about looking for subjects with character in nature. Subjects that set themselves apart from the normal. I bought tons of flowers for shooting subjects at the Farmington Hills, Michigan, Macro Boot Camp on Friday morning and when setting them up for the shoot I had found this unusual Gerbera Daisy with two heads. The stem is also interesting as it was fused together. This is the kind of character that I look for, the unique.

I shot this in the morning on Saturday before the MBC started. Here is the original out of the camera shot of the two headed Gerbera. The background was a image of green grass, and I shot it with the f/stop at f/3.5. I place the point of focus on the stem and sepal and let the shallow depth of field soften the petals. The cameras white balance was off a bit but not a problem that Nik Software programs can’t easily fix.

In the first adjustment in Nik Software Color Efex Pro, I applied the Bleach Bypass filter which muted the color.

Second step was to go into Nik Software Viveza2 and do some smoothing out in the background a little, and adjusted the stem and sepal with a more natural green color. I worked the Structure slider to bring out the textures in the stem and sepal and define the lines more in the petals.

If you noticed the little gap between the two heads you see a stray red petal, so I cloned out that and cloned out some of the little debris on the sepal. Here is the final results.

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