Special Macro Course through Visual Wilderness

Posted: March 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

Makena Bay, Maui, Hawaii (HI), USA

Macro photography allows us to slow down, immerse myself in the environment that I am shooting, and notice all the wonderful details in the world around me. However, macro lenses are not as easy to use as they appear. It’s best to make sure that you know their limitations and quirks before trying to use them on location. Additionally, an outdoor macro photographer faces several challenges while trying to photograph small subjects. To capture successful macro photographs, you need to overcome several challenges.
So how was Jay able to capture the tiny crab that move unpredictably with his Macro Lens? Jay pre-focused on the a spot near the crab and waited for the hermit crab to emerge from its shell before taking the shot. You can watch sample case study video here:   https://visualwilderness.com/special-offer?ref=18
For limited time you are get FREE access to Macro Lenses Course by becoming a VW Member. If you are not interested in becoming a member you can purchase the Macro Lenses Course at discounted rate for limited time. For limited time we are offering $60 off Annual VW Membership and all new members get 2 free eBooks:
Find out more at:  https://visualwilderness.com/special-offer?ref=18


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