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We are honored to have Steve Gettle as one of six speakers for the Macro Photo Conference 2018. Other speakers are, Mike Moats, Don Komarechka, Jackie Kramer, Harold Ross, and Mike Matthews.
Crowne Plaza – 7230 Engle Road, Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130
(near Cleveland)
Hotel Front Desk (440) 243-4040
Dates: October 27th and 28th 2018
Times: Saturday 8:00am to 6pm – Sunday 8:00am – 3pm
Cost: $199
More info about the conference and speakers, and to sign up. CLICK HERE

Steve Gettle

Over the course of his 30-year career, Steve Gettle has spent countless hours creating hundreds of thousands of photographs capturing nature’s beauty around us.  Steve’s images have been exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world, including:Museum of Natural History in London. The American Museum of Natural History in New York, As well as two solo shows at The National Center for Nature Photography.
Steve’s work has been featured in many books, magazines, calendars, and other publications including: The National Geographic Society, Canadian Geographic, Audubon,Sierra Club, The BBC, The World Wildlife Fund, The National Wildlife Federation, Birder’s World, Nature’s Best, Wild Bird, Natural History.
Steve has been honored to receive many awards for his photography. Some of the highlights include being chosen as Great Lakes Wildlife Photographer of the Year, a multiple award winner honored in the BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, as well as often recognized in the prestigious Nature’s Best Photography contest.
“Macro Photography 201 – Moving in Closer”
A beautiful new world opens up when we move in beyond 1:1 (1:1 = a full frame shot of a nickel). During this course we will explore the exciting world of more extreme macro photography. You will learn how to use special techniques and equipment to peer into the world of the truly tiny. We will explore some simple things like extension tubes and close-up diopters to get in close, as well as more specialized techniques and equipment like microscope objectives and focusing rails. We will also discover the creative doors kicked open through the use of focus-stacking.

  1. says:

    Glad to see you and your friends are coming back to Cleveland! YIPPEE!! Signed up and booked my room already!!

    We’ll see you then!

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