Photographer Killed for Equipment

Posted: July 21, 2017 in Uncategorized
This poor guy was out shooting sunrise near San Fransisco, and two losers shot him and stole his equipment and car.  It sucks that we have to live in a world with a-holes  like this.
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  1. Tom Trabue says:

    It’s a dangerous world we live in anymore and while I think of myself as an optimistic person, I’m afraid things are getting worse. My condolences to his family and friends, so sad.

  2. Mike Moats says:

    Yes Tom, it is, and I also think as a guy out shooting I’m pretty safe, opposed to women who are less safe from creeps, but this makes you think, as it’s hard to protect yourself against a gun.

  3. I’ve always been afraid of guns and now starting to rethink. This world has literally gone nuts. I just had my 65th birthday and know although I’m not old I am viewed as an easy target. I think this crazy world is forcing me to change my tune and buy and learn how to shoot in order to protect myself. Being 65 the world is a whole different ballgame. My prayers are with this gentleman’s family. May he RIP.

  4. stumf says:

    Hi, Mike. Yes, I had signed up in the new area at the website. Today I received this, which I hope means that I’m all set. Thanks foe posting the information about the homicide. Best wishes, Stu

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    • Mike Moats says:

      Stu, this came from the old blog, not the new one. You will be receiving a email about once a week from the new blog letting you know about new posts.

  5. rmgonzalez2007 says:

    Humanity is lost. To be safe I’d say go shooting with a friend but then there might be 2 victims instead of one. There really was no need to shoot him. RIP and condolences to his family.

  6. Jerry says:

    Very sorry for his family. I live in ILLINOIS that why I won’t go to Chicago to take photos.

    • Mike Moats says:

      Jerry, when I was speaking at the Out of Chicago Photo Conference, they had people out on photo walks, and one lady had her tripod set up with camera on top, and as she was standing there looking at a scene she was about to shoot, some guy goes running by and grabs her tripod with camera and runs off. The poor lady was stunned at what just happened, and she lost her equipment.

  7. Douglas Berg says:

    Mike, this is indeed sad. With all the reports of women being attacked while jogging through the Metro Parks in this area, I get concerned about going off in the woods to shoot stuff. There may be that one time that some crazy person would want to turn some camera equipment into quick cast. EVERYONE – BE SAFE WHEN YOU ARE SHOOTING.

  8. Mike Moats says:

    Right Doug, most women won’t go out into the woods alone, and can’t blame them.

  9. Horrid. Something I worry about when I’m out by myself.

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