Do You Need Macro Mentoring

Posted: July 8, 2017 in Uncategorized
In love with the intimate perspective afforded by macro photography? Looking to take your own macro work to the next level? While anyone can pick up a how-to book on macro photography or pick up tips from video tutorials, that newfound knowledge won’t take you far unless you know how to apply it to your own photos—and receive guidance on how well you’re applying it.
That’s where Mike Moats’ Macro Mentoring Course comes in. With scores of macro workshops under his belt, this Tamron Image Master and winner of multiple photo awards and contests has the technical know-how to walk you through the basics: everything from working with depth-of-field and selecting a complementary background to mastering the design elements behind creative compositions (trickier than you might think with macro).
But just as important as crafting the image is learning how to improve upon your results. Mike has the experience to guide you through macro-specific challenges, as well as insight gleaned from years in the field to offer a critique of your work that will help you maximize your macro skills and produce beautiful close-up images of the world in front of your camera. In Mike’s Macro Mentoring Course, you’ll be put through the photographic paces with fun shooting assignments, followed by a professional review of your photos to inspire you, challenge you, and help you further develop your skills.
Why register now? Because it’s summer, when there’s no shortage of tiny critters, plants, and an endless variety of other subjects ready to spark your imaging imagination. Mike is even offering a $50 seasonal discount to sweeten the pot: Simply type the word “macro” into the coupon/discount code box when you register.
Check this video about the macro mentoring course.
Sign up here,

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