Long Focal Length Lenses for Frogs

Posted: July 3, 2017 in Uncategorized
For shooting frogs in ponds the best focal length would be a telephoto macro lens in the 180mm range or a zoom lens that will reach out to the 270mm or 300mm range.. The images you see here would have been impossible to capture with a short focal length macro lens. To fill the frame with the frog you would have to be right in the frogs face if using a short focal length macro lens, which would be hard to accomplish in these wet muddy conditions and to close for comfort for the frog.
I’ve got a frog in my viewfinder.





Couldn’t have shot these with my 90mm or 60mm macro lenses.

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  1. Karen VanDonsel says:

    Thanks for the tip, Mike. Always love to read your tips.

  2. Tina Hutton says:

    Love the frog photos!

  3. Richard Grubola says:

    300mm, didn’t think of that for frogs.

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