Create Fine Art Photographs from Historic and Rusty Things

Posted: June 17, 2017 in Uncategorized
My friends Tom and Lisa Cuchara are  excellent photographers who have a new photo book coming out that should be a great success, so please check it out.
 “Create Fine Art Photographs from Historic Places and Rusty Things” is for people who enjoy urban exploration, historic subjects, old cars, rust, detailed scenes, still life images, light painting, etc. The book is done and is way ahead of the publication schedule, but need a few more pre-orders for the publisher will go to print. Order it here:
Lisa and Tom Cuchara see the beauty in decay and abandonment. In this book, they take you on a guided journey of historic, grand, dramatic, and unique locations and provide tips to help you capture creative fine-art photographs of rusty, dusty subjects and locations. In this book, you’ll find a plethora of urban exploration images and discover the processes used to create each one. You’ll learn how to capture HDR images, create long-exposure photos, and paint with light. You’ll also learn how to approach challenging locations, deal with high contrast scenes, create stitched HDR panoramics, and produce light and shadow effects. The authors share the gear that was used, the camera settings, the story behind the scene, and how they pre-visualized their images and looked for light (or created it) in each location. This book will inspire you to visit new “old” places and to get to know them well enough to tell their story. Order it here
“Tom and Lisa have found a way to take run down decaying subjects and turn them into an amazing art form.” —Mike Moats, Pro Macro Photographer
“Lisa and Tom Cuchara, through their keen vision, show us  a world  that has been forgotten, and they do it in a detailed, colorful, and beautiful way.” —Harold Ross
“Lisa and Tom celebrate the graceful degradation of things; both common and uncommon, and all beautifully captured.” —Thom Rouse, M. Photog. MEI, CR, CPP, F-ASP
“Whether you’re a serious amateur or novice, this book will help ignite your passion for photography, in general, and challenge you to interpret what your eyes and heart see using your camera.” —Charles Needle, Author of Tiny Worlds (Amherst Media)
Tom and Lisa are both creative and talented photographers who look to push the edge in their photography. As excellent, patient and devoted teachers, they use their beautiful images to help inspire others to open up their own path to making more visually interesting compositions and designs. They excel at finding beautiful color palettes and  utilizing good post processing techniques. The textures and details of their rusty explorations are a visual delight for photographers and non photographers alike. This book is both informative and inspirational, a valuable addition to your photo library. Bobbi Lane, Bobbi Lane Photography,

  1. Richard Grubola says:

    Pictures please?

  2. I pre-ordered this back in March. Patiently waiting its release. Thanks for the update!! Now if a few more pre-order……

  3. lighthouse75 says:

    Wow, Mike, this is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. Thank you for letting us know about this book! I’m definitely buying a copy.

  4. lyndaadling says:


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