Photo Walk St Augustine, Florida

Posted: June 7, 2017 in Uncategorized
You can follow along and view my morning shoot in St Augustine Florida.
I was in the area to speak on macro at the Florida Bird and Photo Fest, so got a little time to go out and shoot. Check it out.
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  1. Jackie H says:

    GTM stands for Guana, Tolomato, Matanzas which are the 3 rivers that meet at the Reserve. I enjoyed the video, thank you

  2. Richard Grubola says:

    You made the most out of not much again.

  3. Douglas Berg says:

    I have always wanted to follow you around and see how you think. This was the next best thing and very helpful. Hope to see more of these from different locations.

  4. Toni Charbonneau says:

    I really enjoyed this stroll while you were finding beautiful images. Very inspiring. Liked hearing about what lenses you were using and why.


  5. Chuck Hunnicutt says:

    Hi Mike

    Just like your video on Red Top Mtn, this one is great. I learn so much from watching you find subjects! Hope to see you again this fall. Take care.



  6. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks Mike. I’ve attended your class at Nature Visions. It this was great to follow you and to hear what F stops you are using, etc.

  7. abower says:

    I love these videos of you finding subjects to photograph! They give me a glimpse into your visual brain. Your description of what you see, plus the resulting images, perfectly combine to be a valuable learning tool for me. Many thanks!!!

  8. Sally says:

    Another practical video, Mike. Very helpful. For some reason I thought I had to use my regular lens for closeup shots — now I know better! (P.S. The little curled part looks like an unfolding fern — and the lizard is probably one of the chameleons.)

  9. RVcaster says:

    Very inspiring! St Augustine is an awesome place with plenty of photo opportunities. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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