5 Things to Consider for Better Macro Photos

Posted: May 21, 2017 in Uncategorized
5 Things to Consider for Better Photos
1. Finding character. When you are out shooting, go slowly and take the time to study every subject for interesting characteristics. All settings that contain flowers, leaves, trees, and bugs have the potential to reveal elements of character. Character is reflected in an object’s distinctive shape, remarkable lines, exceptional contrast, unusual pattern, unique texture, or special light. Finding character in nature is about creating images that set themselves apart from the ordinary and mundane that most photographers capture.
2. Know your environment. One of the benefits of macro photography is that the environment is constantly changing with the different seasons. The life cycle of the plants we shoot are changing on a monthly basis. Study and learn the patterns of the environment that you shoot in, so you will be in the right place at the right time.
3. Are you creating art or just documenting? When you photograph a flower, does it tend to look documented, like something you would see in a flower identification textbook? In documented photos, it shows the flower and the environment it grows in with all the clutter. Are you creating artistic compositions with a clean background that allows the flower to stand out? Find the right camera angle with the least distracting background that allows the flower to stand out, creating a more artistic composition.
4. Do you think before you press the shutter? Once you find a subject and set up your tripod and camera to take the shot, do you think to yourself, “Have I seen this subject composed in this manner before?” If you have, then don’t shoot. We all study other photographer’s work online, and we have all seen thousands of images of flowers and other macro subjects. If you are composing your subject as you have seen it done before, then find a way to compose the subject to make it different than anything you have seen before. If you want your images to stand out, then stop copying others and come up with your own unique way of seeing a subject.
5. Software for post-processing. By following these tips, you can produce some unique and artistic photos. You may have found a subject with great character, and you have composed it in your own original style, but when it comes out of the camera, it lacks life. Digital cameras are not designed to produce finished photos, that’s up to the photographer. You need editing software to bring your photos to life by adding depth, contrast, colors, for a dramatic feel. Two of my favorite programs are Nik Software and Topaz Programs. By using these programs I have taken my photos to another level that really grabs the viewer’s attention.
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  1. Dennis says:

    Nice reminder, thank you. The “5 things to consider…” applies to the creative photo process, in general.

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