I’m on the fence with this one

Posted: April 24, 2017 in Uncategorized
I was in Florida and went down to a beach on Anastasia Island to find things to shoot and came across these fences that the sun was creating some shadows off the fence, and I liked the lines that were being created. So shot some different comps, and haven’t decided yet which one I like the best, so I’m on the fence with these shots. 🙂 Used my Nikon D7000 and the Tamron 18-270.












Best to always shoot a lot of different compositions, and decide latter which one worked the best.
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  1. gkohn says:

    I especially like the last two…they look like piano keys 🙂

    Gary J. Kohn GJK Imagery http://www.garyjkohn.com gary@garyjkohn.com 703-623-5488


  2. Dianne says:

    The fourth image is my pick . I love the more abstract composition 😊

  3. jmlecocq says:

    Second and fifth of all the images…Or first and fourth of the “close ups” 👍 Janice M LeCocq

    > >

  4. Tom Trabue says:

    Mike, IMHO, 5th from the top or second fence photo from the bottom. I like this photo the best because of the diagonal leading line and because we read left to right it leads the viewers eyes through the photo but ‘don’t fence me in’ LOL.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Number 3 is my fave for sure

  6. maeflower50 says:

    I like them all. They are each unique in its own way.


  7. Jan Watson says:

    I like number 2 and 6 as pure line compositions, but the detail at the front of the fence in 5 lends the extra interest that sets it apart.

  8. Pam Stallings says:

    Mike, I like them all. Wonder how they might look in B&W.

    Cheers, Pam

  9. Mille Sorger says:

    My favorites are your last 2 images. Great concept! I would have never thought of it! Btw glad to have you in Florida! Excellent workshop and presentation tonight!

  10. photowestguy says:

    The fourth one does it for me. I like the “pattern” created by the fence and its shadows.

  11. Ted Heitzman says:

    Very nice artistic views Mike

  12. michael says:

    Number 6

  13. Linda says:

    Love # 5

  14. Sharen Harvey says:

    Nice. I was there in March and got a photo of the same fence!

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