The Photographer’s Wife

Posted: April 5, 2017 in Uncategorized
Here’s a great post that was on a couple years ago, and thought you all would like reading it. Thanks Michele for this great insight as a photographer’s wife.
Photographer’s Wife
by Michelle Blanchard
Yes. I know not all photographers are men. But, being that my husband is one, I’ve learned that a photographer’s wife:
Knows that a “going for a walk” really means “stand for long, long periods in one spot”.
Becomes accustomed to seeing her husband lay on his belly in public places.
Knows that ‘the light’s gone’ doesn’t mean it’s dark.
Has learned that photography involves expensive gadgets which break, are easily lost, and are used only once in a very great while.
Has learned that photographic equipment multiplies and eventually fills up what used to be the guest bedroom.
Is resigned to the fact that camera manufacturers build obsolescence into each piece of equipment, and that after a year of use, the equipment needs to be replaced.
Never has to wonder what to get her husband for Christmas and birthdays.
Understands that when they board a plane, her bags will be checked, not his camera backpack.
Wisely refuses to carry that backpack.
Has learned that making statements like “watch your settings” and “did you charge the battery?” aren’t considered nagging.
Has learned that, no matter how many photos he takes, she will never see more than one or two.
Has learned that, “Okay, here we go” is always followed up with “Oh, wait”.
Has learned to check all his pockets for memory cards before washing his clothes.
Knows that “blowing out the whites” doesn’t involve explosions or Caucasians.
Cannot get her husband to sit still for a family portrait.


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  1. DC says:

    I love this story! I feel sorry for my supportive helper, I mean husband.

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