Flowers – Less is More

Posted: March 23, 2017 in Uncategorized
At Longwood Gardens the rule is tripods can only be used indoors from 9am -12pm.  After 12pm you have to hand hold your camera if you want to shoot.
My hand holding skills with a camera is very poor.  I just can’t hold the camera steady enough for sharp images.
So my only option to get something sharp is to shoot with a very fast shutter speed.
So I lower my f/stop on my Tamron 90mm macro lens to f/2.8, and raise my ISO up to 1600, and with the very shallow depth of field at f/2.8, I can produce these interesting soft focus flower image.
If you have ever heard the phrase “less is more” that kind of describes this style of shooting, as we are revealing just a very small area of focus, and a nice softness through out the flower.



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  1. greenguy33 says:

    Agree! Great images, less is more.

  2. Steven kessler says:

    Really like the th seedy fel and minimalism in these Mike

  3. E.D. says:

    lovely. i had no idea that have a large ISO setting would produce this. Or is it a low ISO setting? Not sure. i will sure try the idea out. thanks. eve

  4. Beautiful pictures… I like the first one most

  5. Richard Grubola says:

    What shutter speed do you feel comfortable shooting with. What camera are you using so we know if it is low noise at that shutter speed?

  6. ddrobney says:

    These are stunning, Mike! I love shooting with a shallow depth of field for that soft focus – either with my 100mm macro or my Lensbaby Velvet 56. The colors and tones are so lovely – and you’re really making me want to drive down to Longwood Gardens!!

  7. Tom Trabue says:

    Ditto, “these…Mike!” I have heard of the expression “less is more” the quote is attributed to German/American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or Mies Van der Rohe. I presented an oral report on him when I was perusing a degree in architecture.

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