CNPA Photo Conference sets the bar for how a photo conference should be run.

Posted: February 28, 2017 in Uncategorized
I have had the honor over many years to be a Tamron sponsored presenter at about six to seven photo conferences each year.  Last weekend at the CNPA Photo Conference in South Carolina, it was one of the best run and most impressive set ups I have ever seen put together by a photo group.
At many of the conferences I attend, I have to apologize to my audience  because the projector I am using degrades my images to the point that I am embarrassed to be up there.  As a pro photographer my images are my business, and if they look bad, it reflects on me.
Bruce Dickson and Edgar Payne are the geniuses who put this elaborate system together.  Rather than renting equipment each year for their annual conference, their group has purchased all the top of the line equipment at many, many thousands of dollars, but it pays for itself in a few years of not having to spend it on renting.
The goal of any photo conference should be to provide the speakers with the best projectors for the presenter to feel good about what he or she is seeing on the screen, but also for the people who have payed to come see their images.
When I have to present with a poor projector, it makes me look bad if my images look bad, and I probably have people in my audience thinking, hey this guys images don’t look so great, why is he here.
So I have to applaud the work and efforts that the CNPA puts into their conference to make the best experience for the presenters and the attendees.
Thank you CNPA for inviting me and keep up the great work.
They have four  huge 10 x 14 foot screens and not a bad seat in the house, and four top level Canon projectors that are all perfectly calibrated..  They even have LCD screens on the stage so the presenter can view what is showing on the four screens. They have a video camera on the presenter showing on large monitors for the audience, and can also be switch to show the presenter on all four screens. They have a person who introduces each speaker by reading their bio and other info from a teleprompter on the podium, rather than from a sheet of paper.  There is also a clock on a monitor for the presenter to keep track of the time they are speaking so they don’t run over. A spotlight shines on the presenter on stage.
Here is Bruce in his command center, running the show. Over three hundred people in attendance.




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  1. Very nice set-up indeed.

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