Sometimes It’s Just Luck

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Uncategorized
I was recently in Florida visiting my step daughter in the Boca Ratan area, soaking up some warm sunshine and getting away from cold and snow in Michigan. I found a large interesting plant in the landscaping of her condo complex, and spotted a very nice area of the plant that I thought would be a nice composition, but I didn’t have my camera with me, so I thought, well I’ll just have to come back here the next day.  The next day was perfect as it was cloudy, so I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with diffusing the area from the sun. When I got to the spot I wanted to shoot, I was shocked to see this cute little lizard perfectly composed right in the area that I had composed in my mind.  I was so excited to see it there, because it added to the composition.  Sometimes you just get lucky being in the right place at the right time. But you don’t get lucky if you are not out there trying.
Tell me which one you like better, the vertical comp or the horizontal comp.




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  1. jean says:

    I prefer the vertical…it gives room for the lizard to ‘move’ and doesn’t seem as cut off as the horizontal

  2. Madeline Catania says:

    Mike, they are both nice but I like the horizontal one because of the colors.


    Madeline Catania

  3. Ronald Morse says:

    The Vertical

  4. Pat says:

    Vertical. The horizontal has a distraction on the left.

  5. Charles Peterson says:


  6. Stanley Kron says:

    Vertical. It appears more balanced.

  7. jmlecocq says:

    Love it! Janice M LeCocq

    > >

  8. Janice Sleezer says:

    I like the vertical because of the composition, but the horizontal because of the nice colors.

  9. Dick says:


  10. Karen Banish says:

    I like the vertical because of the position of the lizard in the image. In the horizontal image he almost looks out of place. With that said, I love the color on the left of the horizontal – Vertical it is tho.

  11. Roger Robbins says:

    Vertical comp- green on left in horiz. is distracting- would have been okay if lizard wasn’t there.

  12. Sandee Horan says:

    I prefer the vertical. The left side of the horizontal is a bit distracting.

  13. pathdoc70 says:

    Mike, Vertical view accentuates the lizard, horizontal accentuates the plant. I prefer the vertical. Mike O’Brien

    Sent from my iPhone


  14. Michael Fenton says:

    Either one is terrific. I should be so lucky.

  15. Patrice says:

    Awesome capture! It’s a hard call but I prefer the vertical!

  16. Like the horizontal, although the vertical has merits also. Both are great shots. I would have to print both if it was my shot.

  17. Noel B. Wright says:

    Vertical, by far!

    From: Mike Moats Reply-To: Mike Moats Date: Friday, February 3, 2017 at 10:50 AM To: “Noel B. Wright” Subject: [New post] Sometimes It¹s Just Luck Mike Moats posted: “I was recently in Florida visiting my step daughter in the Boca Ratan area, soaking up some warm sunshine and getting away from cold and snow in Michigan. I found a large interesting plant in the landscaping of her condo complex, and spotted a very nice a”

  18. Jean Krusinski says:

    Definitely the vertical – there is no other competing portion of the image as there is in the horizontal where the green stem detracts from the lizard.

  19. Denise says:

    I like the vertical plant composition, but wish the lizard wasn’t so centered. Why didn’t you ask him to move over a little? 😉 Really like the horizontal!

  20. Both are great, but I think I like the horizontal better!

  21. Dennis Murphy says:

    Vertical because lines. Dennis

  22. percy sheely says:

    Vertical, but like them both.

  23. STEVEN HOWE says:

    I like the vertical composition better as it draws your eyes to the lizard. While the colors are nice in the horizontal image it is a bit busy and distracting.


  24. trish poylio says:




  25. Joanne Sibicky says:

    Vertical. In the horizontal, it seems to me the lizard competes with the green leaf and my eye does not know where to look first. However, both very interesting perspectives…

  26. Milt Williamson says:

    Like the vertical. Distractions in the horizontal being the wavy edge of leaf on left and the green color introduced in that area.

  27. Both are wonderful ! I couldn’t choose between them ….

  28. Dan Beaudet says:

    Hey Mike – the vertical. The left side of the horizontal is so interesting that I’m distracted from the main subject.

  29. Jeff B says:

    I prefer the vertical but also find the horizontal as well. Why didn’t you clone the dark spot on the lower right like you did on the vertical picture?

    • Mike Moats says:

      Thanks Jeff, not sure what dark spot you are referring too.

      • Jeff B says:

        On the right hand side of the horizontal photo there is a dark triangular area between the lowest leaf and the next one above it. In the vertical photo this area appears to have been filled in be cloning in a leaf.

        At second look I think the horizontal crop crops out the rest of the the leaf just leaving just the shadow area.

      • Mike Moats says:

        I kinda thought maybe you were referring to that area, but wasn’t sure. I didn’t do anything to that area in either images, it just happen to come out that way in the processing, as I used different filters on each image.

  30. sandlinot says:

    Vertical. I like the length and emphasis of the lines

  31. Margaret ONeal says:


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  32. Tina says:

    Horizontal because it shows more of the beautiful plant.

  33. Jennifer Benton says:

    horizontal. They are both wonderful. Really wonderful.

  34. Global Source Network IMAP says:

    Hi Mike,

    My vote goes to the horizontal image. Of course, both are wonderful!

    All the best,


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