Macro Photo Conference 2017

Posted: January 2, 2017 in Macro Conference 2017

Fourth Annual Macro Photo Conference 2017




Sponsored by Tamron and Hunt’s Photo


This is a unique annual photo conference dedicated to macro photography. I’ve always wanted to design a program where professional photographers could come together and teach their skills in macro photography and post processing techniques to those who want to learn, and advance their macro photography to the next level.
This Macro Photo Conference will have plenty of how-to lectures and five hours of photographing with varying subject matter. The speakers will be available to help participants with composing subjects and technical aspects. So you need to bring your camera, macro lens, and tripod.
Speakers will have their books available, and will be happy to sign them for you.
Leading New England photo retailer Hunt’s Photo will be there selling lots of photo products. Tamron will have a tech rep on hand with lenses available for you to try out.
There will be a limit of 100 participants, and it should sell out quick. Last year we had participants from 23 different states.
Crowne Plaza – 7230 Engle Road, Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130
(near Cleveland)
Hotel Front Desk (440) 243-4040
Dates: October 28th and 29th 2017
Times: Saturday 8:00am to 6pm – Sunday 8:00am – 3pm
Cost: $199


For those flying in, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  The hotel offers a complimentary roundtrip airport shuttle  (available 24 hours).
The hotel group block room rate is $119.  Ask for the Macro Photo Conference rate (440) 243-4040.  If you register for your room online with the hotel, use the code MPC for the $119 group rate price.
To Sign Up, go to




Mike Moats


Mike is an international award winning professional macro photographer. His images and articles have been published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Natures Best Magazine, Shutterbug, PC Photo Magazine, Nature Photographer Magazine, Photolife, Whisper In The Woods, Michigan Game Finder, NANPA’s Expressions Books, Pure Michigan Book, Tamron’s blog,and Fujifilm’s Newsletters. Mike has won numerous local and international awards, and is a member of Tamron’s “Image Masters”. Mike offers many options to learn about macro photography.
Program Description: The Properly Equipped Macro Photographer
As a pro macro photographer I am asked many times what is the equipment that I use. In this video I will cover the camera, lenses, tripod/head and all the accessories that I use to make my living. Controlling depth of field, and finding character.


Charles Needle


Charles Needle is an award-winning, California-based fine art photographer, author, speaker and workshop leader with a unique eye for design and artistic interpretation.  His popular “Art of Nature” creative macro workshops have attracted students nationwide.  Charles has authored three cutting-edge instructional books: Tiny Worlds: Creative Macro Photography Skills (Amherst Media, January 2015), Impressionistic Photography: A Field Guide to Using Your Camera as a Paintbrush (March 2014), and Creative Macro Photography: Professional Tips & Techniques (2011).  Charles’ photographs have selected for publication in Nature’s Best, Outdoor Photographer magazine, Nature Photographer magazine, Inner Reflections Engagement Calendar, The Chicago Tribune, SELF Magazine and are in private and public collections nationwide and abroad.  To learn more about Charles’ work, including his workshop and private lesson offerings, visit
Program Description:
Creative Macro Photography: How to Take Your Close-ups Beyond Documentary

In this session, award-winning macro photographer and best-selling author, Charles Needle will teach you how to create unusual and striking artistic close-up images both in the field and in your own backyard and/or home studio.  Using examples from his own backyard “home studio” and macro workshops, Charles will guide you through all the necessary steps to take your macro photography to the next level, covering topics such as equipment/accessories, selective-focus macro, “shooting through” with a telephoto lens, close-up lenses/diopters, wide-angle macro, water-droplet macro, and using “props,” such as iridescent glass, mylar, and everyday household objects.  Charles will also reveal secrets he has learned from his 15+ years of shooting and teaching close-up photography.


John Gerlach


John earned his wildlife biology degree in 1977, but then decided to become a full-time nature and outdoor photographer and never looked back.  Initially, John was primarily a close-up photographer in southern Michigan, but as he began traveling the world nonstop, he became a keen landscape and wildlife photographer too.  He has led more than eighty international photo tours (including forty trips to Kenya and twenty to the Galapagos) and taught hundreds of field workshops and one-day seminars throughout North America.  His passion for photography is only matched by his zeal for teaching.  He is a tremendously enthusiastic public speaker who can explain the most advanced and useful photo strategies in easy to understand terms.   A prolific author, he has written a column for Nature Photographer magazine for decades.  Focal Press has published six of his best-selling instructional nature photography books.  His book explaining advanced outdoor flash techniques will revolutionize how you use flash to light your images more beautifully. or view many of his images on: 2
Program Description: Flash in Close-up and Macro Photography
Learn to use off-camera flash to produce gorgeously illuminated images of the small world.  The key to using flash well is to get it off the camera using optical or radio wireless controls to combine the light emitted from the flash with ambient light.  Although mixing the two light sources together might seem intimidating, John assures everyone it is quite straightforward.  John will present a highly instructional slide program on using flash for close-up photography and demonstrate how to do it. 


Jamie Konarski Davidson


Jamie Konarski Davidson is an award-winning outdoor & nature photographer with a passion for capturing and sharing intimate details of nature and the landscapes (rural, intimate and grand). She embraces creative techniques and simple beauty, and encourages people in their photographic journeys to find their visual voice. Jamie is an active member of NANPA (former Board member, 2013 Summit Coordinator, Regional Field Event Leader) and CNPA and presents programs for camera clubs and other organizations. She was a keynote presenter at the N4C North Central Camera Club Council  2016 Annual Conference in Fargo, ND, and presenter at NANPA’s 2015 Nature Photography Summit. Jamie presents programs and workshops for local and regional camera clubs and organizations in the Southeast, including CNPA, GNPA, Loudoun Photo Club and more. Through her company, New Life Photos, Jamie leads workshops and photo tours throughout the Southeast and markets her work through exhibits and art shows.  Visit to learn more.
Program Description: Find and Release the Artist Within the Macro World
Beyond the technical challenges of macro photography, a world of artistry awaits. Whether your subject is peeling paint, relegated rust of abandon, magnificent blooms or feathers and other finery, the key is to connect. Expressing your subjects in ways that invoke emotion and inspire wonder comes, in part, by connecting and focusing on what holds your attention. In this session, Jamie will share her approach to creating artistic interpretations that reflect connections and personal vision. Among the creative tools she will discuss are Lensbaby optics (Velvet 56, Soft focus), making use of diopters (Canon 500D, Nikon 6T) to get closer with any lens, and extending your vision beyond the camera with tools such as Topaz Impression, Texture Effect, and more. Prepare to find your inner artist and move toward developing and presenting the world in your own unique style.


Varina Patel
Varina Patel is a wilderness and nature photographer, a prolific writer, and a highly-regarded photography instructor. Along with her husband, Jay Patel, she has written a series of eBooks and recorded a collection of video courses on a range of topics pertaining to photography. Her award-winning work has been published around the world – by National Geographic, National Parks Magazine, Popular Photography, and many more. Varina teaches and speaks around the world, and she travels frequently – shooting in beautiful and remote locations across the globe.
Program Description: Big Impact on a Small Scale
In this session, Varina Patel will show you how she draws your attention to her subjects and enhances the visual impact of her compositions with Silver Efex Pro 2 from Google’s Nik Collection. She’ll walk you through some of her favorite post processing techniques – from using Control Points to make targeted adjustments, to adjusting structure and toning to make your subject pop! Add lots of new tips and tricks to your post-processing repertoire – and learn how you can use Google’s Free Nik Collection software to create big impact on a small scale!
Jack Graham


Jack Graham is a professional photographer with over 24 year of experience.  Jack resides near Seattle, Washington, in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Jack leads both small groups and one on one photo workshops.  Along with Bill Fortney, Jack conducts workshops dedicated for the Fuji X camera users.  Jack also conducts workshops the Pacific Northwest Art School.  Jack’s workshop are sponsored by Really Right Stuff, Singh-Ray Filters, Magna Chrome, Think Tank and Mind Shift photo bags.  Jack has been successful in publications and stock photography. For much more info go to Jack’s website at
Program Description: The “Art of Capturing Close up Americana”
Whenever I look at macro (or close-up) areas on most websites, I see the normal……flowers, insects, critters, in other words, the normal.  I get it, and it’s very cool.  I even get into that once in a while.  But for me, my passion these days in close-up imagery is Americana. So what is Americana? It’s about artifacts, things that have to do with the heritage of America.  Things like old vehicles or rusted parts of them, rusty this, rusty that, you’ll be surprised. It is basically old stuff in any level of appearance.
With successful TV Shows like American Pickers, Pawn Stars etc. there is a new interest in the days gone by in American culture, industry had history. I love making images of such memorabilia. Making close up images opens up an even more interesting look at these items.
I’ll stimulate you to get out, get dirty and get into the things lots of folks call junk. Think these images are easy to capture? Think again! You’ll find out that some surprising techniques are needed to not only make the image, but to be able to literally find a subject and see the image in such a way that the results are not just pretty pictures, but an artistic representa2ion of what I call Americana.


Anne Belmont


On any given day you will find Anne at her favorite place to photograph, the Chicago Botanic Garden. She was commissioned by the Garden to do a solo exhibition of her orchid photography, displayed in 20 larger-than-life panels during the 2015, 2016 and upcoming 2017 Orchid Shows. Her flower photographs are in private collections around the country. Anne is a member of the Out of Chicago Photography team, organizing and presenting at their conferences and often writing about her love of photographing flowers for their blog. She has presented programs on flower photography at conferences and groups across the country.  Website:
Instagram: @annebelmontphotography
Program Description: The Art of Flower Photography in a Botanical Garden
Photographing flowers in a botanical garden provides one with endless subjects and and ever-changing palette of color. This presentation will explore how to create flower images with impact and emotion. You will learn a unique way of looking at flowers – finding beauty in the often unnoticed details – the patterns, textures, lines and the unique personality each flower presents. We will explore the use of light, composition, aperture and selective focus to create beautiful portraits of flowers in a garden setting. Much of Anne’s flower photography is done at the Chicago Botanic Garden and she will share with you tips and etiquette for photographing flowers in a garden year-round. Learn to see beyond the obvious, to develop the ability to see and photograph flowers more artistically.

To Sign Up, go to

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  2. Bonnie Lukcso says:

    Do we need a macro lens before the workshop? I have a Sony a6500 and can buy a Sony macro lens or a Tamron lens. Will there be lenses for sale there?

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