As a Photographer, Are You a Cook or a Chef

Posted: December 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

A cook makes food from copying a recipe.




A Chef creates.


So as a photographer,

do you copy others, or are you creating originals.



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  1. Interesting analogy. When describing my process, I often describe it as a recipe of sorts…adding things until I get it just right. So I’m going with chef. But there’s always the risk of overcooking. Happy New Year!

  2. An interesting question, but I need more information. Do you mean ‘are you copying a style?’ or ‘are you going to the exact same spot and/or photographing the exact same subject?’ If I see a style that I like, I often attempt to mimic that style in my photography. Is that copying or creating an original? This kind of exploration helps me learn and continue my journey in creative photography, allowing me to develop my own style!

    Thanks for asking – PHOTOROGR

    • Mike Moats says:

      If you are shooting the same subject as other photographers are, but you find a way to shoot it that is different from all the other photographers then you have created something new. There are millions of photographers that shoot roses, but if you shoot the rose in a way that no one else has, then it makes your image original. If you are copying someone elses style than you really haven’t created anything new.

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