Fracturing a Gerbera Daisy

Posted: December 28, 2016 in Uncategorized
I’m always looking for something interesting to shoot, and I like to search in hobby stores, antique stores, gift store, or any place that I may find an unusual subject. I was in St Louis doing a workshop and had some time to kill, and found this little shop that carried gift items from the Middle East. They had these round coasters that were made from small pieces of mirrors. I thought that would be cool to reflect a subject into the mirror which would create a fracture of the subject. This was my first attempt using a Gerbera Daisy.
Here is the mirror coaster.

IMG_1083 600


Here is the set up. I propped up the coaster at an angle to capture the flower, and then position the camera overhead. Use a high f/stop as the angle of the mirror needs a lot of depth of field to try and get as much as you can sharp. I added my LED light to brighten up the flower.

IMG_1078 600

This is where my Vanguard tripod comes in handy as the center post of the tripod can extend out and be angled where ever I need the camera to be positioned. Couldn’t do this with the standard tripod.

IMG_1081 600

And here is the results of my first attempts. I could use this with other subjects as well.

_DSC0349 600

_DSC0333 600

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  1. Cheryl Flory says:

    Mike, I was looking at your set up pics in this email. What tripod head are you using? Thanks! Cheryl

  2. Bob Crocker says:

    Very cool ideas, Mike. I like the results; well done !

  3. All one needs is a magic mirror! Love the creative ideas – thanks!

  4. Jeri Mearns, Mill Valley, CA says:

    Merry Christmas, Mike. This is a very cool effect – I love that you share all your creativity with us.


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