Exploring the Winter Woods

Posted: December 22, 2016 in Uncategorized
Yesterday was the “first day of winter” according to the calendar.  Of course I know that winter started weeks ago here in southeast Michigan.  I have been traveling the last few weeks and haven’t been able to get out, but finally things have slowed down and I thought the first day of winter is a great day to shoot some winter images.
We’ve had a lot snow recently and the woods has about 10-12 inches of snow on the ground,  so I tried out my new snowshoes, and they worked awesome. One of the problems with all the snow is that it covers everything up.  So it limits me to subject matter.
Here is my office for the day.


I started by going to the river to check out the ice for patterns.  The rivers edges were closing in from the extreme cold we’ve had lately,  and usually this doesn’t occur until into mid January or February, so winter has come early this year. There were only small gaps in the river that had a little ice showing with patterns as most of the ice was covered by snow.


Here is a tight shot of some ice patterns and water.


After I finished exploring the river and not finding much, I wandered through the woods.  One of my favorite trees during winter is the Beech tree.  As all the other trees lose their leaves, the Beech tree holds onto many of their leaves through out the winter.  As you can see in this image, all the trees are bare except the Beech tree.


So I checked out the leaves on this tree looking for an interesting composition.  I found these two leaves clinging to a stem growing out of the trunk. The snow creates a nice solid white background.


At the base of the tree I found this leaf and stem lying on the snow, so thought that would make a nice image.


After shooting the Beech tree, it was about time to head back to the van and home.  I came across this tree trunk that had some cool patterns that were created as the dead tree decayed.




So I didn’t find any earth shattering images, but it’s not always about getting amazing images, it’s all about having fun exploring in nature, getting some exorcise, and if I do get lucky and get an amazing image, it’s just a bonus.  Oh by the way, here are my new snowshoes, and they worked so much better than my old models that I bought many years ago.


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  1. mszig11 says:

    And the new snowshoes Are? I very much enjoy your postings pictures.

  2. Tom Kredo says:

    What model snow shoes do you have?

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