Want to know how to get blurred backgrounds using high f/stop numbers

Posted: December 20, 2016 in Uncategorized


I posted this image the other day on my different facebook pages and I had a viewer comment.
“I am just curious how you achieved such a blurred background using an aperture of f11? It is a gorgeous shot!”
I mentioned that I have shot many times as high as f/22 and blurred the background.  I added a link to my video called “How to Control Depth of Field” which explains how I achieve this while shooting in the higher f/stop ranges.
I thought I would soon see a sale of the video expecting the viewer would be curious enough to purchase the video at the price of $9.95.
But no sale.
Depth of field is the number one issue macro photographers struggle with.
What always amazes me is that photographers spend thousands of dollars purchasing equipment and not willing to spend ten bucks educating themselves on how to make better images.
They have it backwards.
I do give away tons of free how-to info here on the blog, but sometime I do have to sell something to make money to support my business.
Here is the link to the video if you are interested in learning how to blur background with high f/stop numbers.

    Mike, I just purchased how to control depth of field. It was sent to an old email address. Can it be sent to my new email address? s.kotecki@comcast.net mailto:s.kotecki@comcast.net Thanks, Stan Kotecki


  2. Linda says:

    I prefer an E book on the dof topic. Do you include that info in your e book?

  3. summitjim says:

    Mike, maybe the person who asked you about this won’t buy the video, but I decided it was worth the 10 bucks to have it, so I just placed an order. I’m curious because, of course, high f-numbers and depth of field don’t normally go together, and I wrestle with this problem all the time. I’ve learned a lot from your free postings already. Thank you for what you do to educate us.
    Jim Rinaldi

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