Keeping the Hands Warm in Cold Temps

Posted: December 16, 2016 in Uncategorized
One of the problems we face when shooting in the cold winter weather is keeping our hands warm while trying to work our camera.  In temps above 32 degrees, it’s not much of a problem, but when the temps really dip down like they are here in Michigan (single digits this morning), we have to use a little different system than the standard gloves.
I start off with a  glove liner, which you can find pretty much any store that sell gloves.  I found one that had some rubber on the palm area for more grip when handling the camera. Glove liners are a little thinner making it easier to fit inside of a mitten.


The next layer is a insulated mitten.  They provide more warmth then a standard glove.  I found this mitten to be very good as far insulation and function.  I wear the mitten keeping my hands warm when not using the camera and then when I have to use the camera I take off the mittens and work the camera.  My hands will eventually start to get a little cold while only wearing the glove liners, but once I’m done with a shot, and put my hands back in the mittens they warm right up again.  When it’s super cold, just add a hand warmer into each mitten.  The mittens are made by Manzella and are well insulated and waterproof.  Here is a link to Amazon for the mittens I use.


The gloves come with a strap around the wrist area but I cut mine off so I could easily slip my hand inside and out without the restriction of the strap.


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  1. Roxana Whitt says:

    Thanks. I’m sitting here wondering what you consider super cold. 😱

  2. Weihong Xu says:

    I’m looking for it. It’s very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Do you have any good shoes and pants for winter that you can recommend?

    • Mike Moats says:

      I wear the Keen Summit Boots, warmest boots I’ve ever owned. Pants, check with REI if you have one near you, lots of different options there.

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