No Watermarks for Me

Posted: December 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
One of my facebook friends asked why I don’t place a watermark on my images.
Some photographers will add their name on to their images in hopes that it will detour people from using their images without permission.
Anyone with any basic photoshop cloning skills or content aware fill in CS Photoshop can easily clone over the watermark, so it’s not a foolproof method of protecting your images.
Most photographers that post online will size their images in a very small file size making the images useless for anything other than using on the internet.
So someone couldn’t come along and download your image and make a print, as the file size would be to small to print any size of value.
I personally don’t like the look of watermarked images and feel that it distracts from the image, so that is why I choose not to watermark my images.


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  1. Martin says:

    Hi Mike,
    I agree that watermarks provide no real copyright protection but I use them anyway. In my case I use them as a means of building my brand. I volunteer to shoot events for several non-profits and give them permission to publish the photos I provide. My name appears as a discreet watermark at the bottom of the image. This connects my name with images that appear in newletters, community magazines, local newspapers and even in a few published books. This approach has done wonders to create awareness that I am an amature photographer …. the value to me is purely ego …. I get a kick out of people complimenting my work.

  2. Chris Sprik says:

    Mike, you say you resize your images, what size would you recommend using to post something on facebook? Thanks.

  3. I went back and forth on this but finally decided on this strategy. Somewhat similar to Martin. I use copyrights on my Facebook posts because I’ve had photography friends tag me and their photos will show on my timeline. Copyrighting mine sets my photos apart from them. I also have certain organization for whom I’ve given permission to pull from my Facebook account for background images but they must display the photo with the copyright. So I can easily tell them, “don’t pull a photo without my copyright.” I simply put it in the bottom right or left, whichever is the least distracting. I do not use copyrights on my website because, as you said, it does not really provide any protection. Enjoying reading your blog and hoping to get to either one of your Boot Camps or the Fine Art Macro Workshop in 2017.

  4. Gerry says:

    Lately I have been running into friends and family using my photos for their cover photos and profile pics without asking me first or mentioning where the photos came from. I have decided to watermark even small files I put on FB.

  5. kwint says:

    I watermark so that when a painting gets separated from my site, for example, posted to Pinterest, that the viewer can find their way back to me to make a purchase. Otherwise, it’s just an ‘anonymous’ painting. Often people who contact me to purchase a painting can’t remember how they found me. I make it easy to find me when someone sees my art.

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