NANPA Photo Conference 2017

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Here another great program I will be speaking at, with tons more pro nature photographers.  Try to attend.


Providing the nature photography community resources, information and announcements about the 2017 Nature Photography Summit- Jacksonville, FL, March 2-4, 2017
November 2016 Issue #2

Summit Snapshot
Photo by Joe and Mary Ann McDonald

Summit News & Announcements
We are pleased to announce the 2017 Summit includes some of the best photographers and relevant topics in the nature photography industry. The 2017 Summit features 5 Keynote sessions, 8 Super sessions, 24 Breakout sessions, Portfolio Reviews, Product Demo Days and dedicated Trade Show hours. Learn More
Nature Photography Summit
March 2-4, 2017
Jacksonville, FL
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Joe & Mary Ann McDonald
Keynote Speaker Spotlight
The Tale of Seven Tails: Photographing the Seven Big Cats of the World
Both Joe and Mary Ann love to photograph the big cats, especially Joe. It became his obsession for the pair to photograph the seven big cats of the world, including lions, cheetahs, leopards, pumas, jaguars, tigers and snow leopards. From the southern part of Chile to the Pantanal of Brazil, from East Africa through the Indian continent and northward into the Himalayas, the pair hiked, sweated, lived in tents at -25C and got jostled in jeeps over rocky roads to photograph these beautiful big cats. Learn more

Volunteers Needed at the Summit
NANPA welcomes help from volunteers at the Summit. Time slots are typically no more than 2 hours and several of them occur before the Summit begins, so if you get in to Jacksonville early – or live in the area – consider volunteering a little bit of time. Some of volunteer requests are to introduce the speakers, so you don’t even miss any of the great sessions that are planned! Positions include:
  • Stuffing registration bags
  • Introducing speakers and handing out evaluation forms for the breakout sessions
  • Registering people for the open-to-the-public day of the trade show
  • Working at the conference registration table
Review the volunteer sign-up form for available positions, requirements and time commitments. Sign up today to help and get the session or time slot that fits best in your schedule!

NANPA Environmental Impact Award Winners (Award presentation Saturday, March 4)

Michael ForsbergPlatte Basin Timelapse

Michael Forsberg
Michael Forsberg is a conservation photographer, author and speaker focusing on prairie wildlife, grasslands and watersheds in North America’s Great Plains. Mike is a co-founder of the Platte Basin Timelapse Project, and currently serves on faculty at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He is Senior Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers, and is represented by National Geographic Creative.

Carlton WardFlorida Wildlife Corridor

Carlton Ward
Carlton Ward Jr is an acclaimed photographer, National Geographic Explorer and the Rolex Artist-in-Exploration of the Explorers Club. Carlton published Florida Cowboys in 2009 and founded the Florida Wildlife Corridor project in 2012. With fellow explorers Mallory Dimmitt and Joe Guthrie, he has since trekked more than 2,000 miles through the Corridor to showcase a statewide vision to keep Florida wild. He is Senior Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers.

See Carlton Ward Jr. and Michael Forsberg at the Friday Evening Event.

Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront
Reserve Your Room Today
Located on Jacksonville’s four-mile river walk, the Hyatt Regency will host the 2017 Summit. Jacksonville offers something for everyone with numerous events, activities and shopping around every corner. Take advantage of the NANPA Group rate now.  Learn more

Mike Moats
Super Session Spotlight
Macro Photography-Capturing the Tiny Landscapes

This program will cover these three subjects: 1) The Properly Equipped Macro Photographer- In this segment you will learn what are the best cameras, lenses, tripod/head, accessories, and camera functions for the macro photographer. 2) Getting That Macro Shot- Most macro photographers struggle with depth of field and understanding f/stops. Mike will cover different styles of macro and how to make the depth of field work for each style. 3) Creating a Great Macro Image- You will learn some of the elements of design that make a great image, and how to find “character” in subjects. Learn more

Super Session Sponsor


Photo by Super Session Speaker Mike Moats

Breakout Session Spotlights

Reading Weather From a Meteorologist’s Point-of-View

Michael DeYoung
In this breakout session you will learn tips on how to better predict, find and capture dramatic and colorful light by learning more about how our atmosphere works. For over 25 years, landscape and adventure photographer Michael DeYoung has been using his meteorological skills from his former U.S. Air Force career. This experience has allowed him to better serve tourism and other commercial clients who depend on specific weather conditions for the imagery they want. Learn more

Aerial Drone Photography

Laurie Rubin
Although most images are taken from the ground, there also is so much to photograph when you are 50 to 400 feet in the air! Laurie has had over four years of experience flying DJI Quadcopters, and is an Expert on DJI’s Skypixel website and the DJI Visionary website. Not just a drone expert, Laurie has won international photography awards. Laurie will share the magic that can be seen from the air. She will discuss safe practices when flying a drone and then show you what is possible when taking flight and using a drone as a tripod in the air. Learn more


Photo by Breakout Session Speaker Michael DeYoung

Portfolio & Editorial Review Sessions
Portfolio & Editorial Reviews are one-on-one, targeted feedback sessions on your images from experienced photo professionals that can help shape your future as a photographer and provide invaluable business connections. Reserve your private session now- limited space is available for each reviewer. 
Reviewers include: Kathy Adams Clark, Justin Black, Eric Bowles, Danita Delimont, Michael DeYoung, Stacy Frank, Jaymi Heimbuch, Jon Holloway, Jennifer King, George & Kathryn Lepp, Joe McDonald, Mary Ann McDonald, Laurie Rubin, Krista Schyler, Mary Virginia Swanson and Sonia Wasco.  Learn more

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