Macro in the Rockies

Posted: November 15, 2016 in Uncategorized
I think the elevation was about 8,000 feet and I was hiking on a trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park looking for macro subjects. This area had tons of giant rocks everywhere, with some the size of cars and covered in lichens and moss. Aspen trees were scattered between the rocks. It was in the fall and the Aspens were in full fall color, which is a bright Yellow. Some of the leaves were starting to fall on the large rocks providing me with subjects to shoot. I’m on the side ridge of a mountain and as I look out I could see another line of mountains across a valley and they are ablaze in bright yellow from the Aspens. I’ve got my tripod set up near the edge of the trail and shooting these two fallen leaves on this large rock and a lady hiking by interrupts me as I’m looking through the camera viewfinder and says “look out there, isn’t it amazing with all that color” and I turn my head from the camera and look at this beautiful scenery and say, “yes that’s nice” and go back to shooting my leaves on a rock. I’m sure as she walked away she thought I was nuts, shooting a couple leaves on a mossy rock when everyone else was snapping photos of the mountains in all her glory. Yes I’m an addicted macro geek and shot not one landscape on that day.

  1. Jeri Mearns says:

    Mike, I love that you prefer the macro to the grand landscape shot! It’s exactly the right vibe for me.

  2. Jeri Mearns says:

    Oh, and this is a gorgeous example of the beauty of the “tiny”.

  3. Vickie says:

    Depends how one defines “landscape”. Personally, I like yours 🙂

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