Posted: November 13, 2016 in Uncategorized
When I am in the mood for shooting some abstracts I head off to some of the local museums, junkyards, old buildings, etc, which offers me a chance to shoot some abstract looking subjects and makes it fun for me to create new artistic images. A photographer friend that new I was expanding my range outside of nature told me about a museum near my home that I didn’t know about. It is the Walter P Chrysler Museum (which has since closed). It has some of the coolest old cars I have ever seen. The designs of the ornate details on these cars are a close-up photographers dream shoot. I was there for just a few hours and got lots of great abstracts and didn’t even cover a fraction of what there was to shoot.
I also know there are a lot of photographers that like shooting close-ups of subjects outside of nature. When I offered a survey on my blog asking how many people shoot subjects that are not of nature, it was about 120 people saying they did shoot subjects outside of nature and less then ten said they only photographed subjects in nature. So it told me there is interest in shooting other subject matter in the close-up world. When I offered a workshop at the Henry Ford Museum for a hands on small group it sold out in less then twenty four hours.
The nice clean glossy paint jobs and all the chrome on these cars provided a lot of reflections which made for an interesting abstract. Here are some vents on a hood from an old car and the vents are reflecting in the black fender, and as the fender bends downward, it picks up stray reflections from other subjects nearby. I love all the odd lines running in all different directions. The lighting on these subjects is usually overhead spotlights which at times can had an interesting feel to the subjects.


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