Bubble Boy

Posted: November 8, 2016 in Uncategorized


I love watching the reruns of the TV hit comedy sitcoms from the past on TBS, and my favorite is the “Seinfeld” show. If you are a fan of that show, you may have seen the episode titled “The Bubble Boy” which was about a young man that had to live in a plastic bubble, which doesn’t sound funny, but it was. When I captured this image it reminded me of that show.
I shot this at the edge of a river which had a small waterfall. The crashing water of the falls produced bubbles which flowed to the edge where I was standing. I thought that the bubbles would make an interesting abstract image, so I set-up my tripod and camera. I needed a fast shutter speed to stop the quick movement of the bubbles as they past by, and at that time the the highest ISO I could shoot with my Fuji S3 camera and produce a decent noise free image was at ISO3200, so that’s where I set it. I set the f/stop at f/3.5 which is wide open on my 180mm macro to also help increase the shutter speed. The light was an overcast day and I got the shutter speed up around 1000th of a second.
I shot about 40 images, and out of all the images this was the only one that worked without any softness in the details from the quick swirling movement of the bubbles. You see me and the legs of the tripod, and the trees towering above me. It was shot in the early spring and the trees were bare as they had not started to bud yet. Very cool stuff, try it next time you’re near a falls.
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  1. Roxana Whitt says:

    Your creativity is an inspiration. Love the photo and enjoyed the class

  2. Percy Sheely says:

    Mike, I’m not even close of being a great photographer like you but there is one thing that puts me right up there with you. Seinfeld has always been my favorite sitcom. BTW, great image!

    • Mike Moats says:

      Percy, I’ve watch each episode so many times that my wife get mad when I say all the lines before the actors do.

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