If You’re Gonna Make A Check List, Then Check It!!

Posted: October 29, 2016 in Uncategorized
Create a macro reminder list.   You should have a macro reminder list that you can review before you head off for a shoot, so that when you show up you haven’t forget some important piece of equipment.
The other day I drive out to one of the local parks to shoot, and realized I forgot my L-bracket for my camera. I recharged the battery and took off the L-bracket and forgot to put it back on before heading out. Now I can’t mount the camera on the tripod without the L-bracket, and I can’t hand hold a shot to save my life, so no shooting this time.
This is not the first time I’ve forgot to check my reminder list, I’ve got to a shoot and forgot SD cards, and once forgot the tripod.
So I don’t practice what I preach very well.
To avoid looking like this,
please check your macro reminder list.


  1. Patrice says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve also done the same type things, once I forgot my camera. I had my camera in a different bag and only brought the lens, Very frustrating!

  2. chrispayant says:

    Thanks so much Mike! I do it all the time with SD cards. I head out with the camera and then realize the card is still in the computer. Now I have my mental checklist but I think I will write it down. I love your regular posts. Very helpful and inspiring.

  3. Taiyo says:

    Good advice and reminder Mike … and i put the list on the door a few days ‘fore i leave so i can check that i have what i need. Like Patrice, i arrive out in the country to do a shoot and the camera wasn’t in my bag – a serious bummer!

  4. Dennis Murphy says:

    Mike: What make of L-bracket do you recommend? I have a Olympus EM-5 camera. Dennis

  5. summitjim says:

    Mike, I just returned from Indonesia with a new camera. I managed to leave the battery charger with the spare battery out of my camera bag. I discovered this when the battery was down to half capacity and I decided to charge it Uh-oh… So I was careful to shoot only what was most important in order to save the battery. I made it OK. Then when I got home I found the charger with spare battery in the bottom of my suitcase hiding under my spare socks. So it made the trip, just not where I could find it!

    I broke another rule, too. Don’t take new equipment on an important trip without becoming thoroughly familiar with it. My usual camera, a D7100, has slots for two SD cards and I always set them up to record in RAW on the first and JPEG Normal on the second. My new camera has only one slot and once home discovered no RAW files. Fortunately the JPEGs are 24 MB and the color balance is close to ideal so all was not lost. I would have discovered this error sooner except that I lost connectivity between the camera and my tablet. Again,when I got home I found the connectivity loss was user error (me) and not an equipment failure.

    Next trip I will follow my checklist and I will take my D7100, which I favor anyway. Lessons learned,I hope. Oh, I did get some nice macro shots in spite of myself.

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