Lines That Look Natural

Posted: October 25, 2016 in Uncategorized
When we compose our macro subjects that have lines or with a subject that is long and straight it’s always best to run the subject or lines on angles. In this image you see the straight lines of the tree trunk which I have run on an angle. I placed the cones on the tree trunk and positioned them on slight angles as well.


Here is a pine cone on some moss that I positioned perfectly horizontal in the frame. As you can see it looks very composed.


I angled the camera to give the cone a slight angle and it look less composed now and more natural.


Why is it important to run lines on angles, because that’s the way it is in nature. Next time you go out in the woods, study to see how many subjects run perfectly horizontal or perfectly vertical. I’ shot this branch to show how most of the branches and little stems all run in odd angles and very few are running horizontal or vertical.

Now if a subject that you are shooting runs perfectly vertical like a tree trunk or a stem of a flower, then shoot it as you see it in nature. But with other straight subjects, run angles when every you can.
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