Can You Remember When And Where You Shot Every Image

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Uncategorized
When I was in the art show biz I had a lady in my booth at a show that asked if I could remember where I shot one of my photos she was viewing.
I remarked that I can’t remember when my wife tells me to fix something around the house, or to water her plants when she’s out of town, or to get milk when I’m out running around. I can’t remember peoples names, and have to use the calendar in my email account to remind me of things to do, but I can amazingly remember the exact location, time, and other info about every single image I have in my booth or on my website.
Now I can understand if you’re a landscape photographer, as it would be easy to remember where you shot a landscape, but I have about eight hundred images of random leaves, flowers, feathers, shells, lily pads, frogs, dragonflies, butterflies, snails, etc, and I can remember each image and exactly where I was and when I photographed it.
Isn’t that weird how those photos have burn into my memory, but yet my memory is so poor in other areas.

Shot on a beach, Anastasia Island, Florida
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  1. bbonnieg says:

    Can identify with that!! Cant wait for RI workshop in Oct. love ur blog!Bonnie

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  2. jmlecocq says:

    When I used to collect clinical data for the UCSF kidney transplant service outpatient clinic years ago, I used to know the latest hematocrit results for almost 425 patients. You remember what’s import to you.

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  3. I don’t come close to having as many images as you do, but I too, can recall where every image was taken. I find that amazing. I guess these images are like our babies, our creations. It is the same for my paintings. i remember everything about almost every stroke.

  4. I was on a trail in Joshua Tree with a bunch of folks, I wandered off and when I looked up I could not discern the trail and the people were gone. I could get back to my car by following the photo trail of pictures I had taken!

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