Lucky Shot

Posted: September 5, 2016 in Uncategorized
What luck to have such an awesome sunrise on your very first day of shooting.
On a fall November day in 2001, I went out to Stony Creek Metro Park with my newly bought used Nikon N80 camera loaded with Fuji Velvia and a Tokina 28-80 lens.
It had to be the very first time I pressed the shutter as the sun hadn’t come up above the horizon yet, so I couldn’t have shot anything before this.
I had no Idea what I was doing with the camera. I just saw this cool sunrise, and the bare tree and set up my tripod and shot. It was on a Saturday morning and a storm was coming in from the west over top of me and the sky was glowing.
You can see the leading edge of the storm where the yellow band is. I don’t remember anything about the rest of the day, if the storm let loose and I got drenched or not.

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  1. jmlecocq says:


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Patrice Zinck says:

    Awesome shot! What luck!

  3. Kristen Haenchen says:

    Gorgeous. There is a saying something like, ‘Chance favors a prepared mind’.

  4. Amazing! I would say good eye and perfect composition!

  5. The ultimate sunrise shot, just beautiful!

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