Tamron Lens Deals

Posted: August 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Tamron will be at Hunt’s Photo, Melrose, MA today.  If you are in the market for the new 90mm macro, 16-300, 150-600 or whatever, check in with Gary Farber at Hunt’s today and see what kind of deals they have going.   email Gary at digitalguygary@wbhunt.com with your contact info and what lens you are in the market for, and he’ll get back to you with a price. He will be in the office Sunday from  noon until 4.pm

Gary Farber

Hunt’s Photo and Video

Phone: 781-462-2332

  1. npshields@aol.com says:

    Really appreciate this opportunity. I’ve been impressed by your Tamron work so just ordered a used 150-600mm off of Fred Miranda. Wasn’t sure how much I’d use it so I didn’t want to invest much in it; it’s a minimal used lens and I paid $675 including hood and filter. Thanks for using your blog to share good opportunities and I’m sure Hunt’s appreciates it greatly! I ordered the tripod and head from your connection and am pleased with it. I’ve never used Hunt’s, have always bought new from B&H and used from Fred Miranda. Always good to know reliable sources out there!

    Nina Shields

  2. gary Farber says:

    Hello nina
    hunts is a family own business we offer great customer servive and personl service. keep us try next time. drop me a email anytime at digitalguygary@wbhunt.com I take care of you

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