Posted: August 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
THE GLOW 2 is here!
Topaz Glow 2, an updated version of electric lighting and glow effect software, complete with new features.
As always, their update is free to anyone who already owns Glow. And for those who don’t own it, Glow 2 will be on sale until Sept 2nd for 30% off!
Take advantage of the discounted price of $48.99 (regularly $69.99), and be the first to get the new Glow 2.
Purchase here.
Flowing Ferns

56 copy copy

Fall Woods







Morning Light


  1. Claudia Cohen says:

    Do you use Oil paint in Photoshop before you apply the glow filter?

    • Mike Moats says:

      I use PS Elements and never used any of the filters there. If I want and oil painting look I go to Impression from Topaz.

  2. All of these are fabulous and fantastic. I love the effect. I just bought Topaz this year at their sale. I haven’t tried Glow yet. But, I think after seeing these, I’ll go try it today. Wow!

  3. Jeff Bernas says:

    Kerry, the presets in glow can be a little over the top for a lot of people. What I do is find one I like and then experiment with changing the blend mode and opacity to get the desired effect.

  4. Claudia Cohen says:

    Can you elaborate on which Topaz Impression filter you use? Thanks

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