Nature Photography and the Health Care Industry

Posted: August 7, 2016 in Uncategorized
I few years ago I was contacted by a art consultant out of the Chicago area looking to buy 45 – 24×36 inch prints of mine to hang in a new Henry Ford hospital in West Bloomfield, MI.  I was asking the consultant about other projects she had that might need artwork and found out about the need for nature photography in the health industry. That includes hospitals, doctor’s offices, health clinics.  She also told me to check out a photographer named Henry Domke because he was very active in selling his photography, and promoting this new need for nature in the health industry.
Henry is very helpful to photographers in getting their photography sold and has a blog and a book (below) at amazon that will teach you about the need for nature photography in the health industry.  Henry is the type that is willing to share all his knowledge of this business with photographers and on occasion promotes other photographers, and had even featured my work on his blog a few years ago.
Check out Henry’s book at
Growing research shows that art can play a helpful role in healing sick people. It sounds miraculous: Looking at pictures can help heal you? In short, yes. It’s not that simple, of course, which is what this book is all about: How and why to use art in today’s healthcare settings.
The book began as a blog. Artist and family practice physician Henry Domke was captivated by research that shows that images of nature can enhance healing by reducing blood pressure, the sensation of pain and the need for pain medication.
He took to the Internet, talked to experts and had lengthy email conversations with architects, interior designers, and other artists. So the blog was born, and out of that, this book was compiled.
It explores a variety of questions. How can art be used by designers, architects, facility managers, and doctors to maximize healing? Can abstract art harm patients? Is nature photography always best?
From evidence-based design to “ICU art so ugly I wanted to cover it with a towel,” the blog and this book cover a variety of subjects related to healthcare, art and healing. Henry Domke


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  1. No question about value of arts in the healing process. I support an organization, “Arts for Life”, bringing art (watercolor, photography, etc.) to young artists in hospitals of NC.

  2. JoDecouvre says:

    Interesting. It’s not so surprising when you think about how anguished and depressed some people can be just from being in a hospital environment.

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