History of the Camera

Posted: August 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
Invention Story of Camera
Written By: Samidha Verma
“Are you one of those who are obsessed with getting clicked? Or one of those who like to capture every moment so that you can cherish it forever?  No matter which clan you belong to – one thing that all of you would appreciate is the device that aids us to freeze time in pictures i.e. the camera. Camera is undoubtedly one of the most prized possessions for a lot of us and also one of the cherished creations. Our facebook  and other social networking profiles would feel neglected without pictures of us, our families, friends, and all other things around us. Social networking feels lifeless and incomplete without pictures. Camera has endowed us with an ability to put a face to a name in the internet world.”
Check out the rest of this great article on the history of the camera. http://www.engineersgarage.com/invention-stories/camera-history
  1. Taerie Kelly says:

    I do believe someone mistyped the year in the sentence “In 1990, Eastman took photography a step further with introduction of an inexpensive and simple box camera known as Brownie. This was a popular camera that captured the market till 1960s.”.

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