Macro Photography – The Blue Collar Of Nature Photography

Posted: July 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
When we think of a job that requires hard work, stress on the body, getting dirty, we call it a Blue Collar job.
When you look at what we go through as macro photographers, it sure is the blue collar of nature photography.
Hard on the back, knees take a beating. we get dirty from head to toe, sounds like blue collar to me.
We’re a tough bunch us macro photographers, and proud of it.
Looks like this macro lady will be doing some wash when she get home.


I keep my Chiropractor in business with the stress on my back.


This shots not to tough on the body, but just got to watch out for the ticks and spiders crawling inside your pant legs.


Sometimes you have to contort your body in funky positions.


I should call the guy from the “Dirty Jobs” show, and take him into the musky smelling, mosquito infested swamp for a day.:)


I wonder if macro photographers get paid as well as the landscape photographers do? The blue collar workers usually have to work harder for less pay.
But that’s okay we do it because we love it.
It puts us in closer touch with mother earth.


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  1. Carolyn Fletcher says:

    I carry a rolled up shower curtain for when I want to lie down flat. Keeps some of the mud off.

  2. oh how I envy you! You are blessed to be able to do all those contortions …. I am 79 and arthritic and if I got down on my knees, let alone lie flat on the ground – I would never be able to get up again! I have to content myself with what I CAN do – frustrating though that is. (I love my macro photography).

    • Mike Moats says:

      Ellen, you are not alone as many of my participants in my macro boot camps say the same thing when it comes to getting down on the ground. Yes I’m still able to get down on the ground, but as I get older I’m not getting down on the ground like I use to, it has to be a really great subject or I pass.

  3. Macro photography is my Blue Collar Hobby! I wish I had discovered this when I was younger, but I am thankful for it now. I have discovered it is “worth it” even if I get dirty, wet, or sweaty. I do not really worry if I appear strange to others, this is something I do for myself. Seeing the macro world that has always existed within inches of me is amazing.

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