It’s All About the Character

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
I’m always teaching macro photographers to search out flowers with character.  That’s what will set your flower photography apart from all those standard posed flowers.
Here is a field of Purple Coneflowers at one of my local parks.  When I go there to shoot I bypass all the plain and simple standard looking Coneflowers because I have a few of those images. I’m looking for a flowers that has some unique feature, or some interesting interaction with a second subject.


Here is the standard Coneflower shot that’s not going to impress many viewers, because it’s not unique, and has been done to death.



I found this one last week and there is a standard looking Coneflower, but look at the interesting interaction with the vine that has climbed up the stem of the flower and extends up above. Way my interesting then the image above.



Here is another great subject I found in this field a few years ago.  Here we have another interaction with a seedhead that grew right next to the Coneflower and look at the artistic flow of the petals, and a bonus of a little bug on the petal.


I have many more of these flower shots with character, and the reason is because I’m always searching for the characters while all the other photographers are wasting time shooting the boring standard portraits.  Once you have accomplished the boring standard flower portrait, stop repeating that and go for the characters.  Not saying there are tons and tons of characters, they are rare, but when you take the time to find them, you will have something special in your portfolio of flowers. If you want to learn how make these flowers images like these, take one of my workshops.


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  1. Nicolaas says:

    Mike, I just love your coneflower images. I just hope that someday I can create images half as beautiful as yours.

  2. I’m very new to photography. I’m so glad I found your blog. I thought I was supposed to do those boring photos. I have been suffering doing them. You’re right, boring. What you have here is so much more interesting. I’m an abstract painter. So doing abstract photography is where I want to eventually end up. You continually inspire me and show me I’m heading in the right direction. Thanks, Mike.

    • Mike Moats says:

      Kerry, I love abstracts as well, unfortunately only a small percent of the population appreciates abstracts. Mainly macro photographers and people that are artistic like them, but the non photographer non artistic people don’t get abstracts. That’s why Thomas Kincade has out sold all abstract painters by billions of dollars. Search out those charters and you’ll have some great photos.

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