Hanging Out With Better Photographers

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Uncategorized
One way to become a better photographer is to hang out with better photographers.
Below are two comments left on my facebook photo groups last year.
“I am not talented enough for your group, I am only beginning to learn photography”
“I mistakenly checked into your talented group. My skills are not commensurate with the standards of this group”
I can understand that they may feel embarrassed posting their images along side of all the great images that are being posted by the members of the group, but that is how you grow as a photographer, by studying and learning from photographers who are doing it well. You surely won’t get worse by posting there, and you may even get some help. So hang out with better photographers and you will become a better photographer.
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  1. Diane Pattie says:

    I totally agree! Hanging with and observing great photographers can inspire you to be better. You may try things they are doing that you otherwise would never consider. Learn from them. Ask a question.
    Even if you are not quite ready to take the step of posting, stay and observe. Try to look at an image you really think is great. Why is it great? Analys it. Take those points that YOU think make it a great image and use them to make your own great image. Is it dramatic lightings? Think about what time of day and where the light is coming from when you take your image. Is it great composition? Study composition.
    We all started at the far end of the learning curve.

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