Longwood Gardens Workshop – Sold Out

Posted: June 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
Only took 10 hours to sell out.  That’s because Longwood Gardens is such and awesome place to shoot.  For those who didn’t catch the post about the workshop in time, or thought you would have more time to sign up, I can add your name to a wait list in case there are any cancellations.  Just email me to be added the to wait list. mgmoats@yahoo.com
Thanks to those who acted quick and signed up.
  1. Robert says:

    Hello Mike:

    Longwood Gardens is a fantastic place for Flower and Macro shooting – especially is you Are there leading us. Carol and I did not sign Up as we will be in Italy at that time. We will Miss you and what a fun time it will be for you.

    What you bring to the workshops / lectures / Conferences is a sense of “make it enjoyable”. Let us have fun while we shot. That opens our Creative minds to do new or try new things. You inspire people to do that…so if you need a Place to hang out in Maine, 25 miles south of Portland, we are here. Besides Carol makes The most awesome hamburgers but we know You don’t like ’em anyway. I grill them to Perfection …

    Take care

    Rob Olson

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  2. Betsy Carswell says:

    Do you keep a waiting list in case of cancellations? I would be interested…

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