Fun With Dandelions

Posted: May 19, 2016 in Uncategorized
It’s that time of year when the fields are full of white puffy dandelions. They are just weeds but you can create art with them. People spend money on weed killers on their lawns to keep these little guys out.
This image I set up with my LED light behind backlighting the dandelion right inside my home. I always thought that I would never use the Burnt Sienna filter in Nik’s Color Efex Pro program, but here it is on this image.


With this image I went back and forth processing with Color Efex Pro and Viveza 2. I used the Low Key filter in Color Efex, and played with darkening and high lighting different parts of the image.


Here’s another image with the LED light used as side lighting, which created a nice moody light.


This one was shot in the early morning with the low angled sun hitting it from behind.



I added a texture background to this one.



All the seeds have blown away.
So get out and have fun with dandelions.
  1. Rich Doerr says:

    Inspired me to get out and shoot this ubiquitous plant. My grandfather actually made dandelion wine from the greens. Had fun this spring shooting skunk cabbage.

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