Concepts and Colorways

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Uncategorized
My Image of the week is posted at Concepts and Colors.
Here is a great blog for those working with colors in their home decorating.
Concepts & Colorways is a color inspiration blog founded by interior designer, Bobbi Edwards. Color is a powerful design tool yet, it can intimidate even the most seasoned designers. Bobbi created ‘Concepts & Colorways’ in a hope to share color ideas with all who use color. The site focuses on interior design but likes to explore the use of color in all walks of life. Graphic arts, architecture, wedding & event planning, architecture, photography, food styling, interior styling… we love them all. Who’s our favorite source of inspiration? Mother nature is the winner by a landslide!
Bobbi has used one of my photos with examples of products that work with the colors in the image.
This image can be purchased at,
  1. Kendell Youngs says:

    Hi Mike, you put the wrong link for where your image could be purchased.

    We have been engrossed in building our home (no general contractor) and haven’t picked up the camera in forever. Literally, I will have to re-learn when I do pick it up.

    Best, Kendell

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