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Posted: March 29, 2016 in Uncategorized
I sometimes like to surf the web and visit other photographers blogs and read what they have to say. Some will talk about the philosophy, deep spiritual feel, or a story in their photography. I have to confess that I don’t have anything to say with my photography other then they are just pretty pictures. I feel good when I view my images, but they are just pretty picture with no deep thoughts or special meaning behind the image. It’s like when you see a painting with some wild strokes of colors, strange designs, or a small red dot on a large white canvas, and the artist says there is a meaning in the painting, but darned if I can ever figure it out.
I guess I’m not a deep enough thinker for that type of art. I do like to create abstracts with my macro, but none of it has any meaning other then it just looks cool. When I tried to sell my abstracts at the art shows, it failed miserably. I took all the abstracts out of my booth after the first year because everyone bought the pretty pictures of something simple that they could recognize and connect with.


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  1. Gary Shull says:

    So true Mike!!!! Why make it difficult to buy ? Let’s make it easy as possible to relate!
    Thanks for the reality check…😜

  2. My sentiments exactly Mike ….

  3. hippiwomyn68 says:

    I’m not sure I’ve seen much of your abstract work, so I can’t render an informed decision, but perhaps it’s because your work that is simple and easy to connect with happens to be so mindblowingly beautiful!! Maybe the abstract stuff never stood a chance. 😉 Oh, which gives me another thought! Maybe you could find a separate distribution channel for your abstract stuff – different audience?? Someplace where it wasn’t side-by-side with the other stuff. I dunno, I’m no expert..just thoughts.

    • Mike Moats says:

      Go to my website and check out the abstracts page.

      • hippiwomyn68 says:

        Wow, Mike, it’s stunning! It’s every bit as amazing as your work with recognizable subjects. In fact, I think it’s even more interesting…it’s an inspiration to me. I definitely believe there’s an audience out there that would eat that stuff up, but it is likely that they’re not the same people looking to consume “photography.” I think people have limiting views of what “photography” is, and when you push the boundaries of that with your beautiful abstract and impressionistic stuff, those people have a hard time accepting it. Which is fine….you just have to find a way to connect with people looking to buy art.

      • Mike Moats says:

        I would love to find that market where this stuff sells, but it’s not easy. I’ve was in the art show business over a seven year period and the attendance at all those art shows run into the millions of attendees, but very little interest from any of those buyers for abstracts. The health industry did studies and found that sick people in rooms with abstract art on the walls healed slower then the sick people that were in rooms with nature photography on the walls. So the health industry is on a big push to remove the abstracts and go with nature images. It’s just not a largest enough market for any serious sales. But I sure would like to find those people interested in abstracts.

  4. Ona says:

    This is exactly how I feel about my photography.

  5. Nicolaas Strik says:

    Oh good,it’s not just me. 🙂

  6. jmlecocq says:


    You know I’m a fan. I guess I admire your modesty, but you, at least in print, sell yourself short. I think your images are beautiful….and you have your own distinct style…and I happen to like abstracts…


    J Janice M. LeCocq


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