My First Image Posted on the Internet

Posted: March 14, 2016 in Uncategorized


In October of 2004 I discovered “” on the web. I was so excited that there was this place for nature photographers to post images and have people give help with critiques.
I built up the courage to post my first image, and I thought that I was doing pretty good stuff at the time, and that the people on the site were going to be really impressed with my skills.
I thought my first images was perfect, but found out the error of my ways after posting on NPN. One of the mistakes that I see all the time is the same mistake that I made with many of my images. By posting on this site, the more experienced photographers had helped me to become a better macro photographer.
A common mistake is to allow the edge of a subject to touch the edge of the frame and not allow spacing. Here is that first image I posted and in the upper right, the tips of the flower are touching the edge of the frame and cropped to tight. You don’t have to leave a lot of space, but you need to have some breathing room. Many of the images that I had planned to post on this site never got posted as they also had this same problem, but I learned and never cropped to tight again.
It’s okay to have a portion of a subject leaving the frame, just make sure there is enough of the subject leaving to show that you intended the subject to leave the frame, rather than just have the tips of the subject touching the edge of the frame, showing you just cropped the subject to tight.


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  1. I used to paint a lot before arthritis set in and it’s strange how the artistic rules changed when I took up photography. It seemed in art you had to ‘anchor’ your subject to an edge somewhere otherwise you risked them looking as if it were floating in space. Then I learnt a bit of Chnese brush painting and it all changed to making a feature of space around the subject.
    But I do see what you mean about the subject just tickling the edges. I’ve just posted an image on my Viewbug site , where I’ve a flower cut in half starting at the right edge of the frame with a leaf laying across the rest of the background. Maybe I should ask for a critique on it ….

  2. Cropping too tight is something I have been doing all the time. Thanks to your post, I will skip doing that 🙂

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