They Look Like Tulips

Posted: March 4, 2016 in Uncategorized
If you have seen this image of mine with the Tulips in the tree trunk, you weren’t alone if you thought they were Tulips.

I found this stump in a swamp and I liked the design in the wood and the hole offered a nice place to put some flowers. It’s a natural flower vase. I have a few images with tree stumps that have holes that I filled with flowers, and I call them “stump art”.
These flowers are actually not Tulips, but a tiny flower called  Orange Star. The Orange Star flower comes from Ecuador in South America and these little guys are less than an inch tall. So this whole area of the tree trunk is quite small.
I found them in a bouquet of flowers my wife had at home. I had only seen them this one time until about a year later at our local Meijer store. They were in little pots so I bought one to shoot at home.



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