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Posted: February 19, 2016 in Uncategorized
I had an anonymous comment at my blog the other day and not sure if it was male or female, but judging from the nasty content I assumed it was driven by the testosterone of a male.
Anyways this person was very upset by the fact that I post so many of my images using post processing filters, and that I encourage others to use filters to enhance their images.
Digital photography has grown into many different art forms, and I think that is a good thing. It’s perfectly fine if you believe in creating images with the traditional look of a photograph, but now we have options going well beyond the traditional photographs if we choose to do that.
Not sure why some photographers get upset over this, as it is each photographer’s decision on how he or she wants their images to look.
I show my images with post processing that I like, and suggest that you all give it a try, but I don’t go on a rant saying you have to do it my way. If you like traditional looking photos then do it that way.
If it bothers this person so much on how I process my images, then why is this person following me?
Seems to me if they don’t like what they see with my images, they would stop following me and follow other photographers that think like they do.
As an artistic person I will always be looking for something new and different for my photos.
I don’t go around bashing others for the styles that they choose, and there are some things I see I don’t care for. I’m not criticizing those photographers for what they like, they didn’t created their images to make me happy.
I do see a lot of that on some photo forums. People getting nasty because they don’t like what they see. Not sure why those people feel they have the right to tell others how their photos should look.
Do whatever makes you happy and don’t worry about what others think.


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  1. I 110% agree. Thanks for saying it out load

  2. Bonnie says:

    Well said.

    Bonnie J Rovere

  3. nlh835 says:

    Regardless the media, art can be created how the artist feels. I do love seeing how you use filters to change a photo from ok to dynamic.

  4. I totally agree with you Mike – there can be quite a bit of snobbery from those who may consider themselves ‘ purists’. It seems to be the case in the artistic world generally eg the purist watercolour artist frowns on anyone mixng white with colour. I sometimes think photographers are against post processing because they can’t get to grips with it themselves! They must feel threatened by your skills to be so nasty!
    Anyway – I think your images are super. I’m only sorry I’m not able to sign up to your workshops etc, living in UK. I’ve just bought myself a CSC so I’m trying to familiarise myself with it. Eileen

    • Mike Moats says:

      Thanks Eileen, sorry I have no workshops in the UK, but I’m working on more videos that people from outside of the areas where the workshops are can get access to what I teach in the workshops.

    • Rich Doerr says:

      Eileen, Take a photo tour of the US, especially New England in the Fall. You’ll enjoy it!

      • Oh – if only!! My life’s circumstances mean that I am very restricted in travelling so I just have to accept that and adapt accordingly. The Internet has been a boon to me in my old age (I will be 79 in March) and my photography hobby is a life saver and I love it. I’m fortunate to have a nearby lake with lots of waterfowl that I can just walk to (I don’t drive), and that is a real God-send to me.

  5. colleen says:

    Couldn’t agree more! !

  6. Couldn’t agree more and I thank you for your strong comment. What many people don’t realize is that there’s no such thing as an unprocessed photo. Even a photo straight out of a digital camera has defined processing involved, or the photographer can adjust the “automatic” settings for a different look! Art takes many forms. Thank you for helping us explore photographic forms in macro processing.

  7. Nancy says:

    You have my vote, Mike. I enjoy your expressions of art.

  8. Elaine D. Lee says:

    Love your work.

    • Les Griffin says:

      If you are a purists photographer that is your prerogative and good luck to you. If you cannot accept more contemporary styles of photography, like HDR, then don’t follow photographers that process their photos

  9. Russ says:

    Well said and true. Create what you, the artists, likes!!!!

  10. Rich Doerr says:

    All of your followers know the value of imagination. If a tool lets us extend our concept, then it’s valuable.

  11. Gary says:

    It’s called creativity! I wouldn’t give that person’s comment a second thought. In many life endeavors there will always be some purist that want everything done in a traditional form. My advice is to keep doing what makes you happy!

  12. Karen VanDonsel says:

    Totally agree. I used to post just traditional photos on my social media and blogs. But, since going to your workshops, I feel free to experiment with post processing and am starting to develop a “style” that’s more me. I can’t thank you enough for that!

    BTW, my new hip is finally almost 100% and I’m finally over the 6 week crud that was going around here in NC. So, I am beginning to start anew on the Macro Mentoring Course. Feeling refreshed, especially since it’s starting to warm up a bit. Looking forward to spring!

  13. billbarberphoto says:

    Totally agree! My own photography extends from the pure and natural on one end of the spectrum to wild and unbelieveable on the other end. I get called to talk to camera clubs on subjects from both ends of this spectrum. That tells me that there are many others that agree too!

  14. Joey says:

    Agree, well stated, Mike.

  15. Agree 100% Mike. There are no rules out there that am image has to be just as it was taken out of the camera. Half the fun is working with it later and coming up with something YOU enjoy and to not worry about what others think. It’s an added bonus if other people like your work. I for one think every image you have posted since I started following teaches me something new. If this person doesn’t like your work they should not be bashing you and hit the unlike button which takes only a second to do.

  16. Sherry says:

    Well said!!!

  17. Phil Brown says:

    Right on Mike and well said!!

  18. jmlecocq says:

    Mike…I really like your work…and as you know more than anyone…even Ansel Adams did post processing…albeit in the darkroom!

  19. Chris says:

    Your last line says it all “Do whatever makes you happy”.

  20. Steve says:

    Hi Mike, did you apply a specific software to each of the different colored leaves, to give them each their specific color
    … Thanks Steve

  21. Valerie says:

    I enjoy your perspective and your tutorials.

  22. jonsund says:

    Mike, I believe that you are correct, if others do not like the images we produce then perhaps they shouldn’t be looking at them. It is OK with me if someone says, “I like more traditional images”, but I personally like the artistic license that digital photography has given us. I find as I explore the artistic side, there are times when I produce images that may go beyond my intent of modification and I enjoy hearing from a follower that understands my intent, making a constructive comment to help me achieve the final product that I am striving to create. If we do not see our options of modifications to images displayed, how will we ever learn about the tools that are available to us?

  23. I’m sure many of those critics love the work of Ansel Adams but have no idea of the amount of darkroom manipulation that he used to produce the image that he previsualized. Some of his work even changed over time as he revisited older images and gave them a new look and interpretation.

  24. Lori Roach says:

    That person is just ridiculous. So many of us have learned from you and love what you do. Perhaps jealousy plays a big part. You have said it perfectly Mike. And hey- haters are gunna hate!

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