Shooting Backgrounds

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Uncategorized
During the winter when shooting is slow outdoors due to the lack of any life or color, I like to shoot backgrounds for later use. I find tree trunks with interesting bark to shoot, and also I have used my ice abstract as background for a main subject.
Here I am lining up a shot of a Birch tree trunk.


Here are a couple of my trunk shots, that I will use later at home shooting indoors.


I will make a print on a matte photo paper of these backgrounds and lay one on the floor and add on a main subject like a butterfly mount or a leaf, or whatever I come up with. Here is one of my ice abstracts with a butterfly mount. I know butterflies and ice don’t mix, but hey I’m just creating some unusual art here. I position the camera right over top with the front of the lens parallel with the print on the floor. I will shoot in the f/8 range as there is a little depth with the subject on top of the print.


Here is the same background but with a different butterfly, and I used the Nik Software’s Bi-Color User Defined for the split colors. This surprisingly has been a good seller at the art shows, mainly selling to younger people.


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  1. Daisy's Mom says:

    What an awesome idea! What size do you print the background photos?

    • Mike Moats says:

      Daisy’s Mom, it really depends on the subject that will be placed on the print. The larger the main subject, the larger the print has to be, and smaller the subjects, the smaller the print.

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