Macro Blog Links, Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Uncategorized
Macro Blog Links, Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
I’ve posted almost 3,000 blog posts on my mike moats blog over many years, and I’ve had people ask me about certain posts and where they could find it on the blog. I’ve not been good at tagging the posts so I would say, I’m sorry but It would be very time consuming to locate the post from the 3,000 posts. I took some time and waded through a few years of posts and pulled out 150 of the more popular and educational posts ranging from, subject matter, composition, post processing, creative things you can do, equipment, and other tips.
You will receive a page with links to 150 posts. The posts are assigned in different categories making it a little easier to find what you’re looking for. Save your page in the cloud or dropbox and access the page and links from any of your computers.
After you purchase, you will receive an email from Mike with the page and links in a word file. In most cases you will receive the email within a short period, but maximum time would be 12 hours.

Cost only $9.95

Purchase at


Website click here
Macro Workshops click here
”Macro Online Course click here
”Creating Art With Macro E-Book click here
Macro Photo Conference click here
You can buy my images from a select group at
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Macro Blog Links, Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
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  1. barbstevenson says:

    Not at all interested. I find it hard to believe that you find it necessary to charge for help. I have noticed this is the second time you are now charging people for information that other professionals offer happily for no charge. We have a well known professional in our area that tells people to send him an image and he will be happy to critique it and then makes any changes he might see that would help the image in his opinion. Then goes so far as to put together step by step on how he did it. All of this is at not charge and he does it time and time again. He just loves seeing others learn and is not worried about the almighty buck.

    In the long run hope this does not hurt you reputation. I know you have dropped in my eyes.

    Barbara Stevenson

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Mike Moats says:

      Barb, this is my business, and I have bills like every other business that need to be payed, and I haven’t found away to pay those bills by giving everything away for free. So if you are unhappy with me trying to make a living, you have the option of not following me.

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