My Winter “Walk About”

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
noun \ˈw-kə-ˌbat\
: an occasion in which an Australian Aborigine goes on a long walking journey on land that is far from towns and cities
Walk-about is a time of reflection in solitude from community and routine, a time to detach and fortify the spirit.
Last year I had the need to “walk about” at a local park, escape from community, routine, and fortify the spirit. Of course had to do a little drive about to get around.
The other day I posted about using a point and shoot for macro/close-up work, so I just carried my point and shoot. My G16 has a HDR mode and used it on all the images.
The best part of visiting the parks this time of year is I basically have it all to myself. I saw no one on my travels, and that is what a walk about is all about.
I plan to do another “walk about” this winter 2016 and plan to take my DSLR.
Come along on my “walk about”.




I first went to Stony Creek lake to check out the lake edges for things to shoot. Ice is just starting to form.


One of my favorite subjects to shoot are leaves and I knew I would find some at the edge of the lake. Here is a leaf on top of the ice, and the darker leaf on the sand underneath the ice. Some specs of snow add texture.



I found this leaf lying next to some interesting patterns in the mud.



Along the lake in the mud I found a frozen foot print.



While wandering by the lake I found a big Beech tree which had all kinds of stuff carved into the bark. This one must have been from the sixties, Purple Haze, a Jimi Hendrix song.



Once I was done at the lake I traveled to the nature center and visited Stony Creek and some ponds. Here’s the creek the park was named after. Looks more like a river than a creek.



At one of the ponds I found this birch tree that had fallen into the water and is now frozen in place.



I found leaves, pine needles, and some cedar locked in the ice at the edge of the pond.



Here is a branch from another birch tree in the ice with streaks of snow.



As I headed back towards the parking lot I wandered through the woods a little.



A pine tree had been blown over from high winds and part of a branch and needles rested on this tree trunk.



I found this really large oak leaf on the forest floor. It was larger then any oak leaf I’ve ever seen. The colored leaf on the left is a normal size oak leaf and the one on the right as you can see is way larger then the normal size leaf. That is one humungous oak leaf.



I looked for some interesting tree trunk patterns to shoot but wasn’t having much luck, so I did shoot a trunk and with a little help from Topaz Glow I came up with this cool abstract of the bark.



When I exited the woods I past an open field on the way to the parking lot. You can see the oak tree is still clinging to it’s leaves. The oaks hold their leaves for a long time before they finally drop.



In the field I found some old milkweed pods and all were empty but one.



Back to the car now and heading to another part of Stony Creek lake where I also find lots of leaves frozen in ice. Here’s the area I will be searching along.



Found this half leaf along with some nice patterns from stones under the ice.



Stones underneath the ice make a nice abstract.




Here’s one more group of leaves in textured ice.



For my last stop I headed off to a beach where I was hoping to find some feathers from the local geese and gulls. Wonder why no one is at the beach today.



Not as many feathers as I had hoped for but did get this one shot of two feathers together, which is not very common.



On the way back to the car from the beach there is a playground of things that kids can climb on. This was a small area from one of the jungle gym.


So that was my Walk About and hope you liked traveling with me. I wasn’t all that impressed with what I shot on this trip, and not sure if any will make it onto my website. I didn’t really care if I got any great shots or not, as I said early in the post, I was just trying to escape from community, routine, and fortify the spirit, which I happily accomplished.


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  1. SDillon says:

    I am always inspired to find interesting textures combined with natures wonders
    Thx for sharing your walk

  2. Gary Shull says:

    Thanks for sharing Mike… Peace be unto your soul! Gary Shull

  3. I love the post processing you did on the tree trunk and the last image at the kids play area. I do a lot of walk abouts in the spring and summer. I find I get bored or lonely most of the time. I like a walk about buddy.

  4. Lois Teerling says:

    You are blessed with creativity even when you try to escape it all. Loved your walk about and especially like the Milk weed, playground and textured leaves. Thanks for sharing your process.

  5. Barbara Kile says:

    I live in a bleak area- with no ice- so thank you for the inspiration go get out & ‘see’ when expectations for what we want are not present!

  6. CrackerCat says:

    Your “walk about” reminds me of the Zen approach to Photography. Dennis

  7. Sharon says:

    You may think your images from the walkabout are mundane, but I find them to be inspiring. You weren’t just walking, you were “seeing”. You have reminded me that I need to practise more of that “seeing”. Thank you.

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